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Good scan

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to post some good news. Jeff just had his latest ct scan, he is 10 months out from surgery. He is NED!!! He has a nodule in his lung that they are monitoring. It has had no change in 6 months, and they are now fairly sure it is a burst airway, probably from a bout of pneumonia. We know Jeff is very blessed, I have made many good friends on this site, and have lost several over the past year. I wish someday there would be a cure for all EC patients. We pray and hope that Jeff will continue to be in good healt, we have started to talk about having a family again. For those who are just starting the journey, I know how scared and anxious you are. You can get through this, and you can have a normal life after surgery. Jeff works out three times a week and just started strength training. He is able to eat anything he wants, just in smaller portions, and is slowly gaining some of the weight back. My advice to everyone who is preparing for the surgery, GET A GOOD PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN!! When the surgery is over and Chemo is done you will need the help of a good doctor to oversee your nutrition and fitness. Jeff had a serious thyroid condition from the radiation treatments, that would not have been found without his awesome family doctor. The oncologist will treat the cancer, but you will need someone to heal the person after the cancer is gone!!

Best wishes to all of you and hugs to old friends :)

wife of Jeff T2N1M0
Dx 5/24/11
28 rads, 5 rounds of FOLFOX
IL 9/6/11 John Hopkins - CPR
3 rounds of insurance FOLFOX
Septic - hospitalized 12/1 - 12/7 ICU 2 days
Chemo stopped port removed 12/6
Pneumonia hospitalized 4/3 - 4/7
Low thyroid dx 3/2012
NED!! 7/31/12

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Niki, hello my friend :)

I am SO Glad for you! Congratulations to Jeff :) May every scan here forward be NED.

What a happy thing that you two are starting "the family talk" again! Kids are a blessing.

All my love and many hugs!


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I am so happy to hear that Jeff's scan came back clear. It is always an anxious time waiting for the results; but great when they are positive. Now it is time to focus on getting back to the things you both enjoy.

May there be many more clear scans!!!

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
Grand Blanc, Michigan

DX 10/22/2009 T2N1M0 Stage IIB
12/03/2009 Ivor Lewis
2/8 through 6/14/2010 Adjuvant Chemo Cisplatin, Epirubicin, 5 FU
Two year survivor

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance!

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Niki so glad to hear that your husband continues to do well. I know he was treated at Hopkins. Did Dr. Yang do the surgery? We saw Yang again yesterday and are going with him. We feel very confident in his approach, he's head of Thoracic Surgery at Johns Hopkins, has a great pedigree, and will do the THE. No firm date yet, but most likely the first of October.

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Yes Dr. Yang performed the surgery. Jeff had the Ivor Lewis surgery due to two lymph nodes that were suspicious in the PET scan prior to surgery. Dr Yang is great, really professional and is personable which is a trait not shared by all surgeons. The care after surgery was fantastic, you instantly understand why Hopkins is the top hospital in the country. Jeff stayed 4 days in ICU, but only because there were not any open rooms on the thoracic floors. He was treated very well and did not have any major complications. He does have a paralyzed vocal chord which cause a bit of trouble in early recovery because Jeff would choke on liquids. He is doing ok now, his only trouble is that his voice will crack and get weak sometimes. Overall we had a good experience at Hopkins.


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Congratulations on the great scan. May he have many more. BMGky

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Niki, I am so happy for you and Jeff. It's great that he got the NED report and that the lung nodule appears to be nothing serious. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful news. It's always great to read news like this!


DX October 2009: T3N1M0
November and December 2009: chemo (Cisplatin and 5 FU) and radiation
February 2010: Ivor Lewis surgery

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Hi Nikki,
So glad to hear Jeff's good news. Happy to hear he is doing so well even after his bumps in the road. That was great that his family dr is so good and found the thyroid problem. I have nodes too in the lungs and they have been watching them for over 2 yrs no change. Funny stuff happens after all that radiation and chemo. Good luck, wonderful to see good news.

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Congratulations! "Ned" is music to the ears for a cancer patient. I also have a lung nodule,that has never shown a change.

We all love to hear the good news. Thanks for sharing!


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Joel C
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Great to hear the good news!

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That's what we like to hear. Keep it up. As to me, after this run of chemo/rads, I'll be getting a scan, and we'll just see what happens then.


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What a blessing. Those 3 letters NED mean so much. I am so happy for both of you.


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Congratulations Jeff, that is wonderful news. What we all hope to hear. Breathe out now.

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What wonderful news, Niki! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. And, of course, keep us posted on the increasing family.

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That's great news!


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That's just great news, Niki! I know you guys have had your ups & downs since Jeff's surgery, but it sounds now like things have finally settled out and he's in a great place. NED: have you ever heard more wonderful letters strung together? Tremendous!! I hope you found a good way to celebrate.

Dx 8/3/11
MIE 9/23/11

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Wonderful news and good advice!

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