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Feeling better

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kimberly sue 63
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Today, I finally got chemo again!!! I missed two weeks due to WBC and then platelets. I was just on the edge today, but he approved chemo anyway. It feels good to have another chemo session done. 7 more to go. The other good news is I also had my CA125 done and even with only one chemo session in the last three weeks, my number was a 7. That was a good feeling too. So even though I have been "sad", I'm working through it and all of us will keep on fighting and take true pleasure in the good days and just damn get through the bad days!! Kim

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2timothy1 7
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Hey there glad you were able to have chemo and you only have 7 more to go!!! I've completed my 6 rounds and my ca 125 only came down to 31. Just praying that my normal level is a little on the high end of the range. However it started at 3200.

Yes this is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Even though I was diagnosed 8 months ago I am still in shock about it. At times I think is this really happening. At the moment, I feel good so I should embrace this and concentrate on what the Lord has provided that is good. I have 3 children (teens). I'm thankful they are old enough to do for themselves most of the time.

Are you still able to work part time? That would be a tremendous help to take the mind off of CANCER. I hope to go back to work part time this month. It has been 8 months since I worked due to so many complications from surgery. Thankful to go back , hoping I remember how to do the job:).

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glad you're feeling better also.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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So glad you were able to get another chemo session under your belt! Yahoo for your 7!


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Glad to be done
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Hi Kim... So glad you got to have another treatment. 7 is fantastic. Mine is 10 right now and that is where it has been sinceafter my 4th treatment.... When I started my treatments it was at 19. I hope you don't have any more "snags" in your treatment schedule so you can get this over with...

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Hi I am 21 in a week & have been having problems for the last 11 month since I gave birth to my son & my doctors kept fobbing me off then 5 weeks ago I got a CA125 test and my level was 30 which I am know to belive is normal and 3 weeks later got tested again and my level was 41 which the doctor seemed really concerned about and has organised me to go for a urgernt scan on monday I can help but worry as I am only young and I have a young son I have had very iregular periods since having my son I beled every 11 days & after sex but I have not bled once for the past 11 weeks and I have took 4 pregnancy tests which all came back negetive, could it be cancer or am I just worrying myself? Please help me try to make sense of my situation, many thanks yasmin xx

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