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I will be starting both of these on the 9th first week it will be carbo plus the Gemcitabine and then the gemcitabine I think just the next week then off a week and start all over again or it is Carbo and Gemcitabine then Gemcitabine the next two weeks and off one week I will know more on Tuesday. Has anyone else been on this medication and what do I have to look forward to. Do you lose your hair with this combo and what side effects are most commond to everyone.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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I don't have any experience with Gemcitabine but I'm sending you big hugs and praying that the new combo helps you kick cancer's butt!


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Hi Anne:

I took the carbo/gemzar regiment. I think I did carbo and two weeks later carbo/gemzar for 6 months. I did not lose my hair. My side effects were neuropathy, tiredness, fatigue (especially two days after treatment); Also, I did not have to premed the night before.

Hugs to you.


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I did six rounds of carbo/gemzar after my first recurrence earlier this year. I had carbo/ gemzar on day 1, just gemzar on day 8, then a week off. This chemo was much easier for me to tolerate than carbo/taxol. My hair got really thin on top, but never all fell out. I had bad fatigue, but I'm never sure if this eternal tiredness is the chemo or just a result of old age! I'm taking a few maintenance treatments of this combo, because it seems to be working. My CA125 was 112 at the end of January, and it has stayed in the single digits now since June.

Prayers to you,

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This combo worked for me but I also had Avastin added. My hair got very thin to where I needed to wear a hat or wig but I read it only happens 20 percent of the time. Other side effects were tiredness and nausea which meds took care of the latter.Good luck.

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