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My cancer loves me

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And won't leave numbers came down one stinking point so I will be on Carbo/Taxol gor another six months. Hoping it will go by better for me. Time to get out big girl panties and all of my arsenal and fight like hell. Hope you are well....Val

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my last new cancer treatment I was only on for 8 weeks because the numbers only went up and the tumor grew by 20%. I am now going on carbo and Gemcitabine I start next week I hope this one works. I have never been on the Gemcitabine but the taxol has stopped working for me so onto the Gemcitabine. I will be praying for you while you start the carbo/taxol again and pray this time the numbers drop down to 0 for you. Love you and you are always in my prayers

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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Sending you both good thoughts and prayers that you kick cancer's butt with your new round of chemo. You can do it!!


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You wear those big girl panties so very well, but I 'm so sorry that you have continue on with infusions.
((((((HUGS)))))))). Maria

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Hi Val,
Please try not to be discouraged. A drop is still something to celebrate. You are tough lady, you can do this. Keeping you in my thoughts everyday.

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kimberly sue 63
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val you are a good fighter and one point is definitely better than one point up. Keep fighting, and girls fight like we mean it!!!

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I'm so sorry Val, and also can relate very well to the feeling. Are you a good candidate for adding in the avastin to the mix? (Is your VEFG high)
Praying for you,

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