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Normal CEA and Liver tests, Disease Progression

ssrik Member Posts: 8
I am wondering if it is possible to have normal CEA levels and Liver tests , Blood counts and Liver Progression.
My Patient is experiencing this and hence the question.



  • John23
    John23 Member Posts: 2,122
    ssrik -

    "My Patient is experiencing this and hence the question."


    CEA is only one marker of many that are used for diagnostics;
    for some of us, it is a useless marker - while for others it can
    be of meaning. I would not dwell on the level, high or low.

    Likewise, liver tests can mean the medications are taking a toll,
    or the "patient" has a disease that the body is fighting, or that
    the immune system is malfunctioning....or doing it's job.

    Reading the stats is a difficult job for an experienced and
    trained individual, and nearly impossible for the layman.

    Best wishes,