USPC Stage 3c - 5 lympn nodes after Rad. Mod. Hystorectomy - so quick!! Please read ~

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Hi everyone...well, we are new to this forum. Wow, so many of you here, stupid cancer. Prayerfully, we all have great milestones and amazing stories during our journeys.
My mom, 67, was diagnosed with Endometrium and Serous Cancer only 5 weeks ago so they did a Radical Modified hystorectomy very quickly and biopsied abdomen (clean thank God) and Lymph Nodes, out of 22 tested, 5 came back not good, today was our 1st Oncology visit. We met with Chemo doc and Radiation doc. We will do 6 Chemo treatments spread over 3 week visits, then Radiation (chemo starts 8/20). The scariest part of all is not only how aggressive this papillary serous is, but that it has a 50% chance of spreading in her and so we are looking at it like we are on the 50 yard line right now...and trying to make light of it all, you know, going for a TOUCHDOWN!!
So, hair loss is coming, many side effects coming, etc. What have you to advise me? I am 48, we live together. I am rescheduling my back surgery because we can't be out of commission together, how silly that would be...somebody has to be able to drive, somebody has to clean the litter box! I don't know how she will respond yet.
we were thinking a purple wig would be so cute on her and well, trying to make this as light and fun as we can. I need to find the strength to lift me up when it gets tougher than reality (sickness and all), sometimes her eyes are glazed over, this is so much to comprehend, it has only been 5 weeks since this all came about and only 9 days since surgery!! i have my sisters to help and my kids and nieces/nephews, and God of course! I will get The Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. for support right away...what else do you think i should do??? Oh, and she will go to the Chemo class at Scripps tomorrow.
Sorry this turned out to be so long.
I got a bunch of books from the library, especially on Nutrition, i know this is so important while her body is fighting! I love that I found you - I will try to help someone in return. xoxo Michelle


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    Hi Michelle, So sorry to hear that your Mum has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer, from your description it sounds like it's USPC. I have a Stage 3C USPC diagnosis and doing well after surgery and chemo (2yrs later). Read my story on discussion board title "USPC Discussion". I went through all on my own and fought it all the way and still fighting. You are lucky to be able to care for your Mum. Stay strong and believe in the positives. It's not an easy journey and wigs are all part of it.. I had 4 fab wigs and all looked like my own hair.. but I got tired of wearing them and enjoyed my natural chemo look also. My hair has now grown back and is beautiful, better than before. Listen to your Mum, and clinical team and get all the support ye can. They will guide you. Ye are not alone. Olivia x