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Why so many steroids with cisplatin?

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Hi Ladies,

I will begin cisplatin/taxol next week for recurrence. Last year I took six rounds of carbo/taxol. I have been prescribed Dexamethason (4mg) 5 tablets the night before a treatment, and 5 tablets the morning of the treatment. I assume they will be giving me more steroids along with Benadryl for the pre-meds. I also know that they told me I would be given extra fluids.

Last year I hated the steroids. I was hungry and nervous, jittery for a few days.

Interested in hearing from others who have had this regiment.



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and when I get them with massive amounts of benedryl it's just downright disgusting. Cisplatin is like carboplatin and you can experience allergic reactions. I became allergic to carbo and was switched to cisplatin. After being dosed with all those steroids, I have trouble sleeping, talk a mile a minute and wake up the next day with what I call tomato face.... yuck, yuck, yuck!
(((HUGS))) Maria

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Hi again
I also took 5 DexamethasoneSteroid tablets the nite before chemo. Didnt have to take any the morning of chemo though. However steroids was given to me through iv during chemo as well. Not sure why so much steroids is necessary other than helping to not have a reaction. Since this is my only chemo experience I thought it was the norm. The steroids didnt make me hungry but I couldn't sleep well, however there are many sleep aids that can be taken to help with that.

This chemo did affect my taste, to answer an earlier question. Not so much the first few rounds. Mostly after the 5 th round.
Also had constipation. I would recommend taking stool softeners the morning of chemo and continue a few days afterward, as well. I was also given a nuelasta shot after each round to stimulate bone marrow.

Let us know how it goes for you. So sorry you have to go through this again. At least you already know some of the side effects and can be prepared for them.

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Glad to be done
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I didn't take steroids orally but had them through iv before each treatment. My treatments were each on Monday and I would look forward to wednesday night to be able to fall asleep. It was very hard to do that for the first couple days till the steroid wore off.

I hope your treatments go well. Be very diligent about drinking lots of fluids. Cisplatin can make you dehydrated at the drop of a hat.... I learned the hard way after my first treatment when I passed out on kitchen floor and headed to the ER to make sure i didnt have a concussion. My doc had me drinking 80 ounces of fluid a day for the first 3 days after treatment. That plus on tuesday morning I would go to the infusion room for 2 liters of I V fluid. This was on top of the fluid I got during treatment. For the first few days I felt like a water balloon

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I take them orally and IV. I hate them they make me so flushed which is bad enough when you're already having hotflashes like crazy.


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