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Just sayin'. It's bad enough we have cancer... you'd think they'd take a little pity on us when it comes to bowel prep.

There. I feel better.


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assume it was time for a colonoscopy..
my doc has the best prep..
mormal breakfast
lunch- something creammy like creamed soup or milkshake. (for me its a baskin robins chocolate thick shake.
than all clear liquids. and 2 phisio soda's and 4 dulcolax..
it is so easy to follow..cause I feel treated by the milkshake

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Actually i just picked up the nulytely jug in prep for my resection next week. I know an intense prep is necessary, but just the sight of the jug makes me angry. When i drink it i follow each 8oz glass with a bite of a lime wedge. Close my eyes and it's 'almost' like a really cheap tequilla shot from my college years.

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That's the spirit! Good luck with the resection!


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