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Metastic RCC in the lungs and brain

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My mom was diagnosed with RCC in April and had her kidney removed. A few scans later, tumors have been discovered covering her lungs. Monday an MRI revealed cancer has spread to her brain also. She is currently on Sutent and started her radiation today. Anyone with any guidance?

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Hi Christina,

Sorry to hear about your mom, but things may not be as bleak as it appears. Not long ago she would likely have been sent home as there was no effective treatment for RCC. Today they are having some success with radiation on brain mets and drugs like Sutent, Votrient, and others along with trials like MDX-1106, that some of the members here are involved in, are showing great promise in battling this disease. I encourage you and your mom to spend some time reading the stories of hope and survival that are present here.

There is a solid group of knowledgeable and supportive people here that will help any way they can. If I might ask, do you know the size, type, stage, and grade from your mom's post-op pathology report? It would be helpful in answering some of the questions you have. Good luck and keep us posted.



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I am not sure about the size of any of the tumors except the brain tumors. Those appear to have just formed as they were only seen on the MRI as fluid. She is very unfocused when speaking with her doctors. She did not know to fill out her HIPPA form so my sister and I could get information from her original doctor. Asking her questions about what the doctors say or recommend is pretty much impossible. Her oncologist did tell me there was "noticeable growth" within the two weeks from kidney removal to the first lung scan. I do know she is stage 4.

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Your mother will be in my prayers.

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Thank You. We need all we can get.

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Gary said it very well. My husband's doctor told him 10 years ago there was very little you could do for kidney cancer that would help. He had the kidney removed in March and is on Votrient. His had spread to his lungs in 5 spots and we go back Friday for his first scans since starting the Votrient 3 months ago.

Keep your chin up and stay strong for your Mom. Trust me to me it is hard on the caregive as the patient but keep your head up and ask lots of questions everytime you go. My husband's doctor has learned I ask and ask more everytime we go. My hubby is very quiet and wouldn't tell them anything or ask anything.

Take care and please keep us updated.

God Bless You and Your Mom!!!

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