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At hospital........ Emergency

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Had pneumonia recurrence. Doing bronchoscope at 2 to expell green nasty stuff so they know what strain of infection to treat. Oxygen levels running low and that is not a good thing. Repost when done...hey...good new? KANKLES GONE!!!! Yat. :-)


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Kenny H.
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Good luck with that jennie, hope all turns out well.

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letting us know will be thinking of you,check in when you can...Godbless....johnnybegood

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Gosh Jennie you need to get better! How low was your sat? Are you getting admitted? You need to get better and keep us in line! Hope you feel better soon. BIG BIG HUGS!

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You could set a new trend in weight loss of catching life threatening respiratory infections to deal with those kankles- could be all the rage in CAlifornia!

Joking aside- hope things settle down for you. yo have been through so much you must surely be due a decent break by now.

Thinking of you,

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Sure hope that they get you back to breathing good soonest.

Tell those docs to get those green monsters on the run cause you got a hot date with those Dallas Cowboys!


Marie who loves kitties

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Thinking of you and hope you'll get well soon.

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Just get better:)

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Most people don't realize that IV vitamin C has been used treat viral pneumonia since the early 1940s, and then as a major adjunct for bacterial pneumonia by alternative practitioners.

Our RN, supported by our alternatives oriented MD, breaks serious respiratory illnesses with IV vitamin C - straight up for viral infections, in conjunction with basic antibiotics for bacterial infections. The Cochrane Collaboration has taken notice of some significant studies on lower dosage vitamin C for pneumonias, Vitamin C for preventing and treating pneumonia. Alternative medicine tends to use IV C and higher dosage for faster, more dramatic results.

IV vitamin C in clinical medicine is described at length in Thomas Levy's book on IV Vitamin C, Curing the Incurable.

Of course, we've been working with IV vitamin C for several years now and my wife uses it as essential part of her regimen since we have chemosensitivity lab results that show a chemo - vit C combo as most effective on her tumor cells, along with good results by various clinical measures.

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Tans comments made me smile, after all vit c is kind of just extra pure OJ.

Goodluck finding anything that helps.


Brenda Bricco
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I am sorry to hear that you are having to deal with another hurdle but I am sure you will come out of this just fine. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
GOD bless you!

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Oh dear.....Jennie get better soon!!!

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Sorry to hear about your hospital emergency. Get out quick those beds are miserable

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Get well soon, Jennie! You can beat this thing with one arm behind your back! Got a beer on ice for ya!

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You have such an amazing upbeat attitude. You can overcome this easily. This is nothing compared to the way you are kicking cancer arse.

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Well, it appears there is always bright side to everything, kankles are gone??? HOORAY!!!
Now to the serious part, hope they get your pneumonia taken care of right away, get you fixed up toot sweet and have you out there enjoying the heck out of the rest of the week.
Take care girl.
Winter Marie

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Thinking of you.


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Gosh darn enough already. Take care and get out of there soon.

Hugs - Tina

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Dang, not again!? Get outta there soon girl! Feel better...



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got my arms wrapped around ya in a big hug!

all the best, Leslie

PS I agree with taanstaffi sp? on IV C for pneumonia; well documented. I've been doing high dose IV C for 2+years using UKansas clinical trail protocol not for infection though I haven't hadd one during this time. .

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Now ... do something about that annoying pneumonia.

Seriously - glad you're getting care. Best wishes and hugs, girl.


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You've been doing the kicking the cancer butt, now you need to do the kick the pneumonia butt! Hope you feel better very very soon and get rid of the green nasty stuff!

Hugs and prayers

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awww, Nuts!!
Hope you feel better soon.
Love ya,

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Get Better Soon Jennie
we miss you out here..
feel better soon..

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Oh my...take care of that nasty bug. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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You are in my thoughts....sending healing thoughts your way.

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Jennie, Jennie, Jennie! Please get better and stay better!!!


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Hope you feel better soon!

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Expel that gunky stuff, get the best docs on the case, and what is up with cankles?


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wishing you get over this real soon!!!

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Stay strong. I will be praying you knock this out and get better quick. Jeff

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Get better quick Jennie!

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Sending you love and prayers. Hang tough my friend. I know I don't have to tell you that but I just want you to know I am thinking of you. Hope all is well soon.


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Hi Jennie! I have been praying for you! You have such an amazing spirit and are so strong. Let those doctors and nurses do their job and you try to relax. I am so sorry you are going through this but know you will be better soon. Big hug, Jennie!

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Ditto to all the comments said before mine. Stay strong and keep the faith girl.


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A day late and a dollar short. Just saw your post and hoping all is better now. You got too much goin' on for this interruption.

Luv Ya,


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Jennie - you're in my thoughts ... praying for a complete recovery.

Cathleen Mary
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Jennie, Please know that my heart and prayer are with you. You can do this! Be gentle with yourself.

Cathleen Mary

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Jennie- thinking of you for a speedy recovery from pneumonia.

Geez, you need a break from all this CRAP!!!!



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Thinking of you...ditto on all the comments.

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Hope to see you very soon here !
Praying for a fast recovery my friend!
Hugs Jennie!

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You must really like your hospital - you spend too much time there. At least the kankles are gone. Get better soon and stay HOME! No more hospitals!

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Our thought and prayers are with you Jennie. Now Get Better.

Best Always, mike

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Nana b
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Oh, no.. I just saw this. Hope you are doing better...


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