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2bhealed and Scouty

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Nana b
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I miss you ladies and think of you often! Big Hug!

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Lovely post Raquel.


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I hope they're not eating a bunch of junk-food
and gaining a lot of weight.

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I remember the names well as people who helped me early in my own journey. I heard through an odd route of an unsolicited offer of alternative treatments that they had been 'scared off' the site as it was unwelcoming to those with alternative views to managing their cancers- not sure how much truth there is in that? I ahe been intermittent on this site for 8 years now and names like these trigger strange memories of hard times- makes me wonder what happened to all the others on the site 8 years ago?


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"....I heard ..... ... that they had been 'scared off' the site....... "

Not "scared off the site", but "burned out" from fighting with those
that insist "conventional methods" are the only way to fight cancer.

It's a difficult choice to go a different route, but it's made even more
difficult by having well-meaning individuals tell you that there's no
"proof" that what you are doing works at all!

Many individuals recite the hypocrisy of the typical physician's opinion:

If you took chemo and remain alive, you have chemo to thank.
If you took an "alternative" and remain alive, it's sheer luck.
If you took chemo and died of cancer anyway, you gave it the very best fight.
If you took an alternative and died of cancer anyway, you should have done chemo.

So far, I guess I'm one of the "lucky ones".

I suppose by western medicine standards, both Emily and Lisa were
also of the "lucky breed". Although they used a different modality than
I did, they were among many that chose that route and remained alive.

The earlier days of this website were not "alternative friendly". I had
signed on with a different name back then, and exited almost as quickly;
"driven off" would be a good term to use..

I waited a year and signed back on, but decided to be a bit more
diplomatic. I had realized somewhere along the way, that we are all
here fighting a common disease, and not one of us desires to hear that
what we are doing may not work; We are offended at the suggestion!

I'm happy to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine to anyone
that is interested in knowing more about it. There's no "push" intended,
but I admit that I am greatly saddened when a cancer patient that
has found that western medicine has nothing left to offer, gives up,
rather than move on to something else.

Limiting one's choices to a modality that is failing the individual, is
never a great idea.

There are indeed options other than what western medicine has
to offer.

Lisa (scouty), Emily (2bhealed) and myself are among the many
that have used specific "alternative methods" to fight cancer. Most
of the others that have found success have either moved on, or
taken the back seat.

I don't blame them one bit; it's a tough audience out here.

As much desire as I (we) have to help others, we can only offer
some knowledge and insight, and some personal experience;
there are no guarantees in life.

Western Medicine's credo: "First, do no harm" has somehow
fallen by the wayside.

Sad, isn't it.

Best wishes to you,


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Don't some of you have their personal email, or FB, so that you could stay in touch?
Or, maybe they just don't want to stay in touch. Sometimes that's the case....people want to move on.

In the later days, I remember someone saying something about having "the last laugh". I thought that was very, very, unfortunate. It made me very sad, considering we (NONE OF US) have all the answers/facts regarding this hideous disease. PLEASE, everyone's body and chemistry is different. Timing is a huge factor.

I respect anyone trying to beat this in any way they feel may be right for them. And, wouldn't it be fantastic to see humility, not arrogance, on EVERYONE's part.

I guess, wherever there are people, there will always be feuds and I suspect this will go on a while, yet. Some people thrive on stirring things up and running of Thee mouth (just like in the non-cancer world). I just came here to give and receive support, no matter what. I like to hear about all options (but in an intelligent, supportive manner). But it is very difficult when someone "knows it all". Very risky business, imo. I don't value know-it-alls whatsoever, because I am tuning them out so fast. Life is too short any way you slice it.

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Well said.


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There was a polarized thread that started about the Gerson diet, last Dec 7, but failed to discuss the diet's merits and shortcomings in a calm or technical manner. The thread rather focused on some members, their experiences and implied distraints. The thread was deleted after a week of contention and a lot of wasted emotional energy with real damage to the forum, including scouty and em (2bhealed) leaving after 8 and 10 years, respectively.

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I miss them too.

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If someone wants to stop posting that is their decision. I, too, was deeply offended by the "I'll have the last laugh" comment because their individual decision on treatment was different and worked for them. Being passionate is one thing, being offensive is another. Enough said.

John23 - I truly admire your passion and sharing and always, wishing everyone continued health. I may not say much, but I do read your posts.


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Emily is on facebook and doing well.


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Nana b
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I didn't mean to start up the old conversation on why they left, I just wanted to hello and hope you are doing well...!!

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"I didn't mean to start up the old conversation on why they left"
Are you new here? :-)
I've been in contact for the most part. They are doing very well.

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LOL, that was too cute

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Funny Phil! But you look new....and refreshed in your pic!

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I miss them too...just glad they were still posting when
I joined....learned so much from them. I still go back and
read old posts.

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