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History of mama

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My mama was diagnosed 10 yrs ago with stage 4 non-small cell metatastic lung cancer and was given a 2% chance of survival. Within The 10 yrs the cancer has spread to ribs spine hips bones and sacrum. She received radiation 5 yrs ago on the sacrum and has been taking chemotherapy pills since diagnosised. Recently she was having rectal pain due too stage 4 hemmoroids and found those through a colonoscopy. After her colonoscopy she started losing feel in her legs every so often and was taken to the ER. She was sent home telling her that the lower extremities were in shock from the colonoscopy. :( Her legs went numb again and also her vision became blurred. Taking her to the ER again they admitted her. It is now 3 week later after taking high doses of steroids and 15 radiation treatments on top of physical and occupational therapy. I forgot to mention the second radiation treatment to her spine burst her T6 and she is paralyzed basically from the bottom of her sternum down. I am a wreck but a caregivers by gift. It is her faith in god that keeps her alive. I on the otherhand am weak even though I am a caregiver. I never thought at the age of 37 would be taking care of my mama who is 58. I'm looking for ways to cope...answers as to how radiation could burst a vertebrae (as her chart say the cause was)..was it a mistake by dr's? Was it too high of a dose? Will she continue to be paralyzed for the rest of her life?
Thank you for reading....
I'm lost and on an emotional roller coaster.


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Jen, I am so sorry that it has come to this point for you and your mom. I take heart from knowing that she has survived 10 years. Is there someone from your church who can come and give you a break for a day? Sometimes hospitals have volunteers that will come out and sit or help with a patient so the caretaker can have a break. Maybe one of the oncologists at cancergrace.org can answer your question about the radiation to the vertebrate.

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Jennifer, so sorry you and your family are going through this. I have been diagnosed with Stage 4 NSCLC with bone mets (T-6). They did 15 radiation treatments at a lower dose to my spine and lungs, then increased the radiation and I had 5 more treatments to my lungs. The Dr. told me that there is only a certian amount of radiation they came give to the spin. We have to be very careful because even a hard sneez could cause my spin to collaspe. DOnt know a lot about the radiation burting the spin, but I would talk to the Dr. about this.
Please get some volunteers to help sit with your Mom. Maybe bring them in a few day while you are there to get to know them. My wife is my cafegiver (by gift)and I have told her to let others help her (when that time comes) so that she can take care of herself. We have a 24 yr old son that need her. Please take care of your self.


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But you need a bit of a break, I'm not a doctor I don't know anything about whats going on, but I know I can tell you need some you time. Your mom means a lot to you. You mean a lot to her. She wants you to have a break. You will be a much better caregiver and daughter. Please just ask for some help. You need it.
In my prayers.

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