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Saw the ENT Today

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Today was hubby's first appointment with the ENT since his diagnosis. Now that he has finished treatment for his Stage 3 HPV+ tonsil cancer, the ENT gathered all his treatment reports and tests and brought us in for an appointment today.

We love our no-nonsense ENT. He is the head of the Head and Neck Cancer Department at the university treatment center. As soon as we saw him, he started reciting all the treatments, the problems, the good and the bad from the past two months that he gleaned from the reports and records. Then he felt and looked and looked some more at Hubby's neck and down his throat and said the best thing we have heard in a long time:

"The radiation did what it was supposed to do. I can see no evidence of the tumor or the tonsil and feel confident they are both gone."

It was the best news we could hope for at 10 days post-treatment. We know the one where he says "no evidence of disease" is the Grand Prize but we felt awfully good about the report today. After two months of treatment, we are both tired and probably a little discouraged at the slow healing process. Now I've got this cheesey grin on my face and Hubby is feeling some reward for all he has been through.

Love you guys and couldn't wait to share the news.


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What wonderful news! Congrats, I am very happy for you both! Can't wait for my husband to hear something similar.

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Please let your husband know we are very pleased and smiling a big cheesy one right along with you both ! And I'm praying that very soon he gets NED. Now you both take a big breathe out and let the healing continue ! Warmest wishes, Katie

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Hi Deb,

Good news, big smiles all around. It sounds like your hubby was cooked just the right amount. Good words from the ENT is a good way to start the healing process.



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That is wonderful news! Let the healing begin!

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Doesn't it feel good? I was surprised how much relief I felt in those words....but the ENT is the only one of the Dr.'s who's had personal look-see at the tumor....everybody else is working off scan sheets....so when the guy who first saw it says "IT'S GONE" then it is a true day to celebrate.


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I know that's a great feeling! Here's hoping you get to hear NED from your follow-up scans too!

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I too saw my ENT a few days ago, and I received the same news. It is amazing just how good I felt as my wife (whom I will owe BIG time forever) as we drove home. I know EXACTLY how you feel and I can honestly say that there is no greater feeling. It balanced off the fear and uncertainty of the initial diagnosis...

"You have a tumor on the base of your tongue that is likely malignant".

I am so happy for you and your husband, I hope his recovery goes very well.


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God Is Good

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Pam M
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just wonderful. Here's to more good news soon

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Great news....recovery takes awhile, usually measured in months more than days and weeks.

But now you have plenty of time to devote to recvoery.


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That is great news....cypbe hugs all over that!!!!



Kent Cass
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Your news is what we all are made very, very happy to learn of. Success=victory over C. Yes!


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my RAD doc looks at my neck once a week and finishes with a big smile so hopefully that is the message he will send me. If having a neck that looks like a Happy Turkey Flapper is any indication of progress Im good. Used to have a beard to cover my neck, now its just me and loose neck skin. I will tell you though it sure looks so much better than the bump on my neck 3 months ago. So God Bless both of you and your family. So will look forward to posting when he blogs his NED report.

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really! I hope my dad will get the same news when his treatment is done. It always gives me hope to hear something like that!
Let it stay this way and I wish you more good news in the future!!

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