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Ten Years on August 1, 2012

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Some observations and a few thoughts:

NED X 10
NBD X 10
10 Annual Southern Caribbean Survivor Cruises so far. Number 11 will be in February, 2013.
Each of the 5 grandchildren has become 10 years older. No new ones.
The 18 year old girl I met on the beach (Icewoman) will be 68 this fall.
The survivor rates for each Stage of RCC have increased over the last 10 years.
They finaly got Bin Laden. It took almost 10 years.
Ice Tongs are no longer used for RCC Surgery. Ice picks are no longer used for RCC biopsies.
I will be 70 next year, almost as old as Tex.
I am so old DiVinci himself did my surgery.
As a result of partsheimers I do not remember any pain from the surgery or recovery.
Good looking ladies write me for advice. Some questions I cannot answer such as whether a nephrectomy is more painful than a hysterectomy.
Cancer used to be a scary word. That was before I. fought back and beat it.
Had an extra MRI this year, but that was for my knee.
Hope to paddle by more moose this year in Algonquin Park. Check Tripadvisor on Algonquin Park where I am a Destination Expert.
My Medicare expires in 31 years when I turn 100. Earlier if the Republicans win in November.
Stay away from restaurants serving kidney pie.

May each member of the club be a survivor for not just 10 years, but for many years beyond that.

To the best of health for all<


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Heartiest congratulations iceman!!

I guess you're just a bit more than 9 years ahead of me. Let's keep it that way for the next 30 years, what do you say?

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WOW!!!!!!! You've done it all except the hysterectomy part. Great advice, great compassion and the endurance to continue assisting others in this fight. Others have come and gone, but you are our beacon and guiding light. Please remain our leader until your medicare expires. Your friend FOX.

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Excellent recap of the past 10 years (both in a personal and historical sense).

You've been here for many, many people (including myself) who have come to this Board feeling lost and in need of help and advice. While a thank you seems inadequate, it is nevertheless sincere. You are appreciated.

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So happy for you. I'm sure many who come to this board eventually drop off as time passes and things look better. I thank you and others soooo much that you have stuck around to inform, calm, and encourage those of us still in the early stage of this new journey. If all of the more level headed long time members dropped off, I don't know what we would do. I look forward to seeing you post many more anniversaries.


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I look fwd to celebrating your 20th on my 10th! :)

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Congrats Ice... you are and inspiration to all of us!! Thank you for sticking around to encourage and guide those of us who are just starting this journey.. you are priceless to us all.. thank you.. thank you.. thank you and congratulation on your 10 year annniversary!!!!

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Minnesota Girl
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Love it!! And good for you. I know I am not the only person who finds your support inspiring. You were the first person to respond to my very first posts - with so much encouragement - you really helped when I needed it. Thank you and here's to the next 10!!

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Garry, so many of us have been "iced down" by you, myself included. When you told me it had been more than 7 years for you I think that was the first time I realized survival was possible, no one in my experience had made it. I can't thank you enough for that, but maybe I can make you laugh.

Here's a few things to add to your list;

1. Money can not buy happiness, but it’s more comfortable to cry in a Corvette than on a bicycle.

2. Forgive your enemy, but remember the ***-hole’s name.

3. If you help someone when they're in trouble, they will remember you when they're in trouble again.

4. Many people are alive only because it’s illegal to shoot them.

5. Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then neither does milk.

May we all share 10, 20, 30, or more anniversaries and may we see the cure in our lifetime.

Any plans to get back on those skis,


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Congrats on the 10 year milestone. That is a huge encouragement for those who are in the battle.

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Hi Iceman,
Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! You've helped me so much in the past 7 months. I appreciate your help. You should also be congratulated for posting so often on what at times is the slowest site on the internet!
Cheers, David

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Way to go. Keep up the great attitude. I like 10 years. Anyone up for 20-30. Ye gads, that would make you 90 or 100.

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A toast to Icemantoo

May the happiest days of your past be the saddest days of your future.

Thanks for your devotion to those of us that came after you.


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May god bless you and you live for 100 for years healthy. You are an inspiration to many people that one can live a normal life despite of cancer.

I really like one of your statements :

"You will tell people that you had cancer, not you have it."

Really encouraging!

Best wishes to you sir.

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I have to get back to work helping the Newbies. Hopefilly i will be around long enough to accept their appreciation in another 10 years.


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Wow! :-)

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I know you wrote this a long time ago but what a great post. :)

The newbie appreciates it.


Posts: 337
Joined: Nov 2014

You are an inspiration, sir. cant wait to see your work for the next 10!

Posts: 337
Joined: Nov 2014

Just realized this post is 3 years old! What the... THIRTEEN years!

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Joined: Jan 2015

GOOD for you ICEMAN! Reading your story makes we want to dance!!

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Joined: May 2014

your posts are encourging so keep it up .Thanks for all the upbeat stories on your 10 yrs cancer free success ,it gives me hope,

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When I grow up I want to be just like you! What a great way to start the year with a 13 year survivor!  Thank you for your courage and your advice, you have no idea what it has meant to me!  Keep posting Iceman your words of wisdom/humor really help!

                                    Love and always prayers of good health!



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Superbowl Sunday marks a very important day in our family.

It is exactly 12 and 1/2 years from my neph. on August 1, 2002.

On the day of the first Superbowl (January 15, 1967) my wife, Icewoman decided to go into labor and deliver our first icicle a couple of hours after the game was over. Men were not  allowed in the labor room then, but I was nearby in the father's waiting room rather than watching the game on a black and white TV.

This Superbowl my cousin the Weatherman is raising a stink about delivering a major snowstorm for all of us in Southeast Michigan.

I better go outside and let some of the air out of the tires for more traction in winter weather.

May each of you have a special Superbowl with many more to come.








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And that is the way to do it!  Hip hip hooray for Iceman, Icewoman and Icebabies!  ;)

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Joined: Dec 2014

Sounds like an episode of I Love Lucy ;)

Enjoy the Super Bowl!

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Love this post.  Thanks for sharing.  So easy to get caught up in the negative with this disease.  It's nice to see the positive.

Thanks for all your support Ice and all that you provide to our little board.

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