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Mom's recent Grade 3 diagnosis- is it UPSC? Confused

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My Mom was diagnosed a few weeks ago with grade 3 endometrial cancer. She didn't find out the best way- the doctor hadn't read her notes properly before her appointment, and opened the results up in front of her. She read it off the screen before he did. She remembers reading 'Endometrial Cancer, Grade 3, Serous' and they have mentioned 'serous' to her a few times, but she has no idea what it means really.

They explained to her that her cancer was the most aggressive one, but very little beyond that until she went in for hysterectomy. They were very worried before the surgery as they believe she has had this cancer for almost 18 months- they put symptoms down to fibroids and only picked up on the cancer after a routine biopsy for the merina coil. Miraculously, after the surgery they have graded her at Stage II- they think they got it all (although 50% of her uterus was taken up by the tumour, so god knows how they mistook that for fibroids on the CT scan) but have recommended radiotherapy as there is a small chance her cervix may have been affected.

She's been told numerous times not to do Internet research because that will just scare her and probably give her inaccurate information and she's quite happy to go along with that, as am I, because she's so relieved the op was a success Id hate for her to worry more. But as for me, I can't just sit back, I feel like I need to know as much as possible so I can be prepared to support her whatever happens. But the lack of information we have is infuriating me- people here seem to know what type of endometrial cancer they have (it was only my research that lead me to realise there was in fact different types!). I know that UPSC has scary recurrence figures, and really I just want to know what we're dealing with... Does the fact that they have described her cancer as 'serous' mean that she has UPSC? We don't have any doctors notes at home, and I respect her decision not to look too deeply into it so I won't push her to get any more info than she wants. But id like to have an idea. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Finally, as most of you out there have experienced this (unfortunately), I'd be grateful if any of you had any suggestions as to how I can help her through it. All I'm doing at the moment is helping out round the house (I still live at home), spending time with her, keeping her spirits up, and taking her for short walks to build up her strength and help with the tightness/cramping. I don't know what else to do...

Sorry for the long post, but I'd be grateful for any replies :). Amy

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Hi Amy:

Sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis. And it is true, the stuff on the internet is way outdated and not to be considered. You came to the right site. If you look back on some of the posts, you may find some of the answers you are looking for.

I am sorry but I still don't know all of the different types of cancers and what they mean. I was diagnosed with Grade 2, Stage iii/a endometrial adenocarcinoma. I was treated like ovarian cancer because they found it both in my uterus and my ovary after a hysterectomy.

Also, with regard to Grades and staging, some posters here have outlined it all. Look back a few months ago and you should find the answers.

With regard to what grade and stage your mom has, she needs to ask her doctor exactly what she has. I had to do that because I kept seeing ovarian on my records, when I was told endometrial. Or if your mom gave you permission, you could ask her doctor if she really doesn't want to know.

What type of treatment are they suggesting for your mom?

And with regard to helping your mom, you are already doing it. Sending positive and healthy thoughts and wishes your way.


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