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Information across the communication boards and the web

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Hi All,
My husband,50,was Adenocar. Stage IV, diag. 12/6/10, Chemo treatments, died 9/28/11.
I'm on sabatial for a year and will be working on connecting EC information together across the web so its easier for people to find communication boards like this one.
If you have an interest, I would appreciate some advice.


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I don't have any advice. I just want to say I am so grateful for people like you who want to help others going through this hellish nightmare and are willing to share your experiences. It is so hard that many would prefer to not remember that chapter of their life, yet we are fortunate to have angels among us who share their knowledge, their pain, their stories and their support to the benefit of those who so desperately need it. William and Sherri are the biggest contributors on this board and may be able to help you. Thank goodness for this board and all who contribute and actively participate on it.
With gratitude,

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