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Invasive Sqamous Cell Carcinoma

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Hi everyone, I was misdiagnosed 7 times last year with 6 different dr's who said I had MRSA. It turned out to be Squamous cell carcinoma. It was in my nose and eating my septum. I underwent25 radiation treatments and then had to have surgery that removed my nose, pallet, teeth and some lymph nodes.I have searched everywhere and can't seem to find anyone who has had this rare type. My Oncology surgeon said he had to take a good bit of good bone and tissue because they had only one chance to save me. That was in Dec. of 2011..In January I had a massive heart attack and they put a stent in my main artery. I would appreciate anyones help in finding out how you manage to deal with the pain afterwards. I stay in constant pain. Also burning and tingling making it almost impossible to eat. I am down to 87 pounds and can't seem to keep weight on. If anyone pout there has or had this particular kind I would love to talk to you. Thank you

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I to was dianosed with MRSA treated with a save I'm a non drinker or smoker, all healthy food no red meat, I have the same have gone thru HEP C treatment from 60's don't have any idea what to expect, waiting to hear from M D Anderson, they were treating me for a tooth infection after biopsy came back spindle cell squamous carcinoma, I'm like you wanting all help I can get, mine isn't so painful right now, do you have anything that may be helpful to me other than prayer which I do daily, Thanks

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Hi wondering how u r doing?  My sister,34 y/o just diagnosed with the same and trying to make sense of it all.  


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