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Talked to Lisha ....

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Hi guys,
Lisha called me last night and said to tell all of you "Hi". She's had a lot of pain since surgery, but is taking pain meds that are helping. She's sleeping quite a bit, but to be expected. She said she's moving around slowly...even goes up and down the stairs from her bedroom. Wednesday she goes to the doctor...she said they might remove the staples. She also hopes to find out more on the pathology that is still being done on the tumor they removed. She sounds weak,(to be expected), but also was able to laugh a little and share whats going on...(trying to keep her sense of humor). She said she will try to post something to the group soon. Thats all I know for now. Anyways...I hope everyone has a really good week. I'm getting ready for vacation coming up this Saturday...lots to do. Lizzy thinks she's helping by pulling my clothes back "out" of the suitcase...ha!
Much love to all...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Thanks, Sue.

Lisha, I have an extra staple remover if you want it ;).

Hope you feel better soon, Lisha!



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That is great to hear. BTW: Jim, I do not think they are the same kind of staple removers. The only real difference is the $5,000 price tag. Then again if it does the job what the heck !!!LOL John

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John, I think you're referring to the staple removers the
government or military buys ;). (I knew you would smile at this).

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Great news...

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That's great to hear, thanks sue

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Thank you Sue for letting us know,
Hi Lisha, thinking and praying for you to get better soon sweetie! Take care and hopefully the results from pathology will be good news.
Many many hugs


miss maggie
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Dear Sue,

What a relief in finding out about Lisha. It is so hard being in the dark and not

Since Lisha had major surgery, I would expect her to be uncomfortable. I am glad she
is taking her pain medication when needed. To sleep and be free of pain is a blessing.
It is so wonderful she is able to go up and down the stairs. Lisha, you really are a
fighter. Go Girl.

Sue, let me wish you a wonderful vacation. How cute about Lizzy. She's telling you, "don't
go grandma".

Lisha, I will be thinking of you Wednesday. I will continue my prayers for good news,
and until you are finally feeling so much better.

Love and hugs. Maggie

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i hope you feel better soon i'm glad your pain is under control blessings denise

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