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Scan time

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jim and i
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Jim goes to have his lungs scanned on the 20th and we have to wait a week to get results. So the anxiety begins. To update those new to board, Jim had stage four base of tongue, finished Rads and Chemo in August 2011. 6 months PET showed that cancer gone but nodule in right lung. Three months later numerous nodules and biopsy said cancer. Doc could not tell us prognosis so we go back for nother CT to see how fast growing it is.

Please pray for calm and peace for us both, especially me as I broke down the last time.

Thanks my friends.


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Keeping you and Jim in my prayers. Waiting is so difficult. Since this is a CAT, you may want to call and ask why it will be a week for results??? I had a CAT with contrast last week and doctor had the results in hand that afternoon. My brother goes to Mayo for follow-up CAT tomorrow (lung and kidney) and they will read his results within four hours while he is there. Sometimes you have to put them on the spot, maybe there is a good explanation as to why it will take a week. If you know the reason, it may make it easier to wait.

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Jim and I,

Scan anxiety is the worst. I am hoping for the best, for both of you.



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Under those circumstances. I thoroughly agree that if possible and practical you obtain results sooner. I faced the same scenario at the beginning of my journey, but mine, so far has gone the other way with the lung nodules. I was only able to handle some of those moments using anti-anxiety meds. These are very difficult times for you both and I wish you strength and clarity.

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today, when I was talking to my RAD doc he said about 10 weeks after RADS ends I would be scanned to see if the cancer was gone or not. At that point it just hit me that the day will come to see if all this worked or not. So the anxiety hit me and here Im not even done with treatment. So I get the anxiety. Will keep you in our prayers.

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Definitely you have mine....

At my center you have to wait until your MD appointment to see results also....


If you ask for a desk copy, they'll have them ready with the disks for you in 24 hours.

But you have to read them yourself...


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Jim and you...your pup looks exactly like my best friends poodle, "Poo"

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I hope you get good news. I will be praying for you. Please let us know.


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that this scan will be what you're looking for.


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Tonsil Dad
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Thoughts and prayers for you both are heading your way.
The big man upstairs will deliver you a good scan, have Faith.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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For a good scan, and for peace. Here for you if you need a shoulder...


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Jim and Debbie,
Waiting on tests...not a good thing for any of us. I am praying very hard you get good news ! Warmest regards, Katie

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Jan Trinks
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Prayers y'all's way as always. I know the feeling of breaking down. How's everything else going. Did you make the trips you planned and hopefully you're moved in now. You can PM me if you like.

Jan (Basketcase)

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Hi Jim and Debbie.....we are sending positives waves...thoughts your way.

Take care and hang in there. Sue

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