Coincidence or something serious?

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Hope everybody is doing well.

On January of 2011, I had a RP and to this day thank God I am still a member of the “zero” club. About 7 months after the operation I had my normal yearly physical with a complete blood test with my GP. Within the CBC test it showed my Neutrophils at 39 (low) and my Lymph’s at 52 (high) In December 2011 I had a test called a Flow Cytometry Test to check for CLL. The test seemed to be inconclusive saying that the “Abnormal cell population: present was 21% of total cells”.

Last week I went again for my annual blood test (one year from the previous blood test) only to see that both items that kicked out had gotten worse. My Neutrophils are now 35 and my Lymph’s are 57.

Could there be any possible connection between prostate cancer and CLL? Does anybody have any thoughts on this? I will be seeing my GP next week to go over the blood test results but don’t know how much of an expert she is in this kind of thing.

Thanks, Bob


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    Hi Bob,Welcome back.
    Hi Bob,

    Welcome back. Congrats on your continued PCa remission.

    I do not have an answer for you or know if there is any link between PCa & CLL.  However, if your current GP/MD is not knowledgeable about CLL then I suggest you arrange a consult with an experienced oncologist who is, & soon, to obtain a professional medical evaluation & opinion.  

    You may also wish to post your questions about CLL on the Leukemia forum.  Here's some info you might peruse:

    Good luck. 
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    Hi Bob ,

    Hi Bob ,
    wanted to wish you the best ,