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Hi Val (poopergirl)

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I'm sorry that you're having a rough patch. Run chemo #6 in to the endzone like your Buffalo Bills would. We're always right here for you.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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I am starting to feel better now...I am so close to remission....just dread that chemo...I think it worked as I listen to my body and I think I am cancer free. just need scans to verify. I am so looking forward to football and I am even going to the home opener. Go Bills. Thank you gor always being here and saying the right words. Hope you are well...Val

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I'm hoping and praying that your scans confirm you are cancer free! Football season is just around the corner and I'm glad you are going to the Bills home opener. You and other ladies on this board have been through so much (way more than me), that I'm happy that you're able to plan for something fun!


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Glad to be done
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Val I am awaiting scan results too. When are you getting yours? I had my scan last monday morninng but my doctor was on vacation last week so I am suppossed to get the results on Friday at 10:15. My doctor has told me several times over the last month and a half that my scan is just a formality. She told me she can tell I beat it by my blood work but I won't believe her until I get the scan results. I am nervous. It is driving me crazy... I keep telling myself she wouldn't tell me that if she didn't believe it and I feel great and then my mind starts running away with me and I panic. I am going to call tomorrow to see if I can get the results before Friday.

Please Let us know when you get your results. I will keep my fingers crossed for you

Are you a season ticket holder for the bills or go to any games? I have been to one bills game in my life. It was against the jets and like 3 minutes into the game someone tackled and knocked out boomer and he got taken off the fireld with a concussion. It was a great game.

You are in my thoughts


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