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Ok. My best friend was working with me about a week ago. She punched out from her shift, started to say she felt like she was gonna pass out. So the longer she sat down the worse she became. Eventually my boss had to drive her home because she was confused and could barely walk. She would not go to emergensy room. Eventually later that day her husband had to call an ambulane because she went into seizures.
Background...heavy smoker, drinker, 54, very skinny but lost a tremendous amount of weight. She weighs about 85 pounds, lives on redbull. Always loved food. Would never tell anyone she was a drinker but we all knew because her appearance told us so. Also a history of perscription medicine abuse.
In ER they said she had a brain lesion, spots on her lungs, and her kidney is 6 times the normal size. I am not her immediate family so it hurts that i am the one researching things and her family is not very interested in getting her to a bigger hospital. So, she is put in intensive care while her mother calls my work and says she is in a coma. Went in to see her and she said she knew who i was but than she couldn't say who i was and it was scary. Her eyes looked at me but her pupils were black and she looked straight through me. She was ranting and raving all this nonsense. Seemed like moments from her past. Several other people went from my work and it was the same except she knew the one guys name and she told my one friend she needed a cigarette.
Anyway, the husband said they were thinking of radiation but she is too far a long and she is being moved to hospice. No second opinion, nothing. They stop us from seeing her. Husband starts saying we can send cards but no visits. Heard from the grapevine that she wasn't happy about us seeing her that way when she became lucid she said this. She knows she is in hospice. Thats about it.
The point is, despite her size, her life, whatever. What are the reasons behind them not trying. I understand there is cancer in her brain and lungs and all. There were no biopsies. Nothing. Her husband is calling work saying i am giving him a hard time and i am just the only one interested in her life. She is my best friend. Older seeing as though i am 34. I know she does not have the healthiest life and she barely weighs a thing but couldn't they try something. My mom was told she would die. She had cancer all over, liver, spleen, colon, stomach, omentum, ovaries. She has made it a year now. Give this woman a chance to live. And why did she not have any symptoms before this incident. How do you work and than almost die. And now i can't have any contact with her cause her husband treated her abusively so he is telling lies about us to the family because he wants to look good. He needs a liver transplant. For kathy i would have looked in on him from time to time but he abused her emotionally and he is a pill addict. I have no feelings toward him being sick. Please help me understand this.