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new meds

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Hi all..It has been awhile since I have been able to post. I have been unable to take any chemo for almost 8 weeks now due to platelets being too low. I last had gemzar on June 7. I went to Florida to M.D.Anderson cancer hospital and met with Dr. Schimp. She was wonderful. I wanted a second opinion. I was dx'd in 4/11, had debulking surgery 5/ll, with a 3c . took 9 rounds of carbo/taxol with ca 125 of 22. I started a maintenance of taxotere and avastin in 3/12.. ca 125 started to rise and is now up to 509 because of platelet issue. I met with Dr. Shimp in Orlando , and she suggested a combo of avastin every other week, and cytoxin 50mg daily. Has anyone tried this combo ? I know my ca125 will continue to rise unless we do something !! I meet with my onc next thursday. I am due to have bloodwork on tuesday..cbc and ca125..I am anxious to meet with onc to get the ball rolling on this new med...I will get avastin on thursday..this cytoxin can have some side effects so I am a little worried. I just pray it works. We all fight so hard to survive and hopefully find the right combo of drugs to help keep us this way.. I hate this stupid disease !!!!!Some of the good news is Dr. Shimp will be starting a phase 2 clinical trial soon, and I am hoping to be in it.. She is an awesome doc if anyone needs a great onc/gyn..she helped me to understand several issues and answered questions and went over my records with me. I would recommend her highly. I will find out more at my drs appt, and will post more then.. If anyone has taken this combo how well did it work for you ?? any issues ? I live in Nicholasville, KY and am 56 years old. I read posts quite often but usually dont post ulness I need help.. Thanks Ladies.. Jackie

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I'm so glad you have such a good doctor. I don't have any experience with the drugs she is suggesting, but I'm hoping and praying that with the new game plan, you kick cancer's butt! I'm praying too that you experience minimal side effects from the Avastin. Definitely please let us know the results of your doctor appointments.


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Sounds like you are in good hands. I have never been on this combo but it is sure worth a try. Hope you can get in the trial.....Val

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Hi Jackie - Im sorry I don't know anything about this combo.. At the end of June I finished 6 rounds of cisplatin/taxol... My CA level was isn the high 200's the day of of surgery, 19 the day I started chemo and went down to 10 during the treatments. Awaiting scan results now....

Good luck with this cocktail. Keep us posted on how it goes

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