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Recurrent thyroid cancer

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I had my total thyroidectomy in August 2010 with papilliary cancer. I have had my yearly blood work and ultra sound. This time they told me that they noticed a lumph mode that they had not seen before and the the report said could be malignant or benign and doctor says to wait six months and see if any change as my blood labs are fine. Should I wait the six monts or request something done sooner

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I had metastasis in the lymph nodes only six months after TT. They did not wait at that time due to the size of the nodes. Again, six months ago a small node was found under my collar bone. It was too small to biopsy. I am doing the six month wait and see routine for this one. I just wasn't ready for a fourth surgery anyway. I go back next month for a sonogram and possible biopsy if it has grown. My labs were also fine and I had three biopsies that came back benign last year. They were "reactive" to the RAI treatment six months prior. If you had RAI, your node could also be reactive. In answer to your question "should I wait or request something be done sooner?" I can't be sure because everyone is different. Maybe a compromise with your Dr. Say.... three month check with blood work and sonogram? This might make you feel better.

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