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Pancreatic cancer

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My mom was just diagnosed with an adenocarcinoma in the pancreas. She is having the tail of her pancreas and possibly the spleen taken out in two days. She is a very positive person and the way she is talking she wants to be back in work in about 5 to 6 weeks. Is this realistic? Can anyone provide any insight on this? I certainly do not want to squash her optimism. She is 61 and I already lost my father to esophogeal cancer 11 years ago (he was 55) so I hate cancer!!

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There are so many factors involved when fighting pancreatic cancer. The stage the cancer is in( I,II,III or IV) , Physical and mental condition the patient is in (above and beyond the cancer aspect), The doctor(s), the procedure(s) taken or not taken (chemo and /or radiation) possibly before and/or after the surgery. Not to mention the surgery it's self (Whipple or other). There is just to many factors involved. EVERYONE responds differently to surgery and treatments for pancreatic cancer.

She has the right attitude though! So anything is possible! I was told I had stage III pancreatic cancer in "08" I'll be the first to tell you a positive attitude is everything when battling cancer! My motto(s) have been. "Odds are made to be broken" and "You say it can't be done!"... "Watch me!"

Will keep you and your family in my prayers!
Take Care & GOD BLESS,

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Hey azampa,
How is your Mum doing?
I had the whipple operation 13 years ago now,I was given 3 months off work. Hell of a op but a lot better than other treatments people have to go through.

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I'm 64. I had a distal pancreatectomy (removal of the tail and spleen) done June 22, 2011. My tumor was 3cm. No lymph node involvement, negative margins, and had not spread. I tried Gemzar for about a week and the stub of my pancreas became infected. Cleared that up and tried again about a month later. Severe complications(abdominal pain, extremely painful BM's) so I gave it up considering the small increase in % of DFS @ 3-5 years chemo provided. I was back at work in 2 weeks, but had I continued chemo, it would have been the entire 6 months. I get a CT scan every 3 months and tumor marker count and so far so good. I went from a normal weight of 165 to 125(during the failed tries at chemo) and now have stayed at 140 for the last 10 months. Hope this helps.

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