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Welcome AngeH

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AngeH is new and posted in a few places already. To simplify,
I posted this topic to welcome her. I sent her a private message
as well...

Her Bio/Profile: AngeH

Below is paste of one of her posts:

Hi!! I'm new here too!

I just found this site while doing a search for more additional info on the BiovaxID vaccine for follicular NHL. Since my doc and I will be talking about it more in a week, I wanted to see if there had been any other new information on it, and I found this site. Really liked what I saw, so I joined. You guys seem like a really nice bunch. I'm not at my computer nearly as much as I had been pre-cancer, which is a good thing! I've been keeping myself on the go since my last round in May. Even before that round was complete, I just could not stay put and did a spontaneous overnight trip to Gettysburg with my daughter, even fed animals at the zoo on the way up. I went back to work full time on July 11th, and I plan on going to an all day heavy metal fest/concert with my daughter and her boyfriend tomorrow. I got the giddyap and go's!

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Hi Angie, welcome to the forum. I'm pretty new here myself but the folks here treat me like ive been around forever( I think that's a good thing ;) ) and have helped me immensely with my journey so far. Take care and welcome

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Thank you so much for the welcome! I'm on line here and there. I try not to, really. As a lot of you know, once you hear that word remission - sometimes you just can't help but to jump out there and grab life up as you can. Such as I've been doing. I got my remission news on July 3, 2012 (this month!) and went back to work full time July 11th. And I haven't stopped since. LOL!! While I don't feel I've changed, I still am me - I like to think I'm "enhanced", not so much as "new and improved".

In my background, I also have had cervical cancer that was caught very, very early in 2005, and that's been fine since. I also have Sjogren's, which was also recently diagnosed (had been misdiagnosed for almost 10 yrs). And just to toss in a bit of salt in pepper with that, I had been long time diagnosed with some fun stuff like bi-polar 1 disorder and scitzo-affective. Yay me, right?! Well, you play the hand you're dealt with, right? So, life in my head can be more than a little fun. I think it was a cause for concern when I did get my lymphoma diagnosis - a lot of my family and friends really had no idea how I'd handle it. I didn't even know. I think I did pretty well, and still doing better than before.

Anyway... I am running away now before I get addicted to this machine again and get nothing else accomplished for the day. Run, run, run! And thanks again for the welcome :)

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Hi Angie,
You have a wonderful positive attitude which is so important. Sounds like you are doing very well and moving on with gusto! Good for you. I am not quite where I'd like to be with my energy level since finishing chemo, but it's very doable. Take care...Sue

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Hi Ange,
Welcome to the group, your positive attitude is awesome and can be very contagious. Just reading your bio made me want to get up and do stuff lol! I agree with you about doing what we can with the cards that we're dealt with, (what can we do) just try our best and keep on living. My dx is different, its Splenic Marginal Zone NHL stage 4, with tumors in spleen, liver and bone marrow involvement. Was diagnosed last year in July and I'm doing Rituxan for treatment, only the mild stuff for me and I thank God for that. I'm currently in treatment just started last wed after having a 6mo brake, had some treatment in Feb. Hopefully this time around I can reach remission. Take care of yourself and enjoy life!


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Welcome! As you have noticed, there is a great bunch of folks here for support. Yes, we do play the hand we are dealt - and even though many of those hands are not all that good, we still win with them!

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