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Organic Milk?

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Hi Ladies,

I do not use much milk, but I have been buying Wal-Mart brand of organic since my diagnosis last year. Is this truly organic? My sister said from what she understands it means only that chemicals were not used around the cows. Does it still contain hormones?

Thanks for the info.


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Organic milk still has issue related to it. It has been pasturized, which affects the proteins it contains,and the cows have been fed grains, which results in too may omega 6s that contribute to inflammation, that feeds cancer. The safe options are, raw milk from grass-fed cows or alternatives, such as coconut milk (the kind in a can, not the box, and not the light kind). Almond milk is another option, but the store bought kind contains trans fats and sugar. It is easy, however,to make your own almond milk. Soy milk is not a good option.

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If it's certified organic, then the cows have not been fed growth hormone. Look for RbST free dairy products. I also found out that all Kroger milk is RbST free. Their other dairy products aren't necessarily so. Also European cheeses do not contain growth hormone. You can usually get information about a product by going to it's web site. I've also emailed certain producers and received quick, honest replies. If you are currently receiving chemo treatments, please ask your chemo team about raw products of any kind before consuming such products. Finally, dark leafy greens (preferably organic) contain lots of calcium, and many other great nutrients.

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