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Brain Shunt treated dementia, gait changes and incontinence!

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Hi All,
I want to post some good news! Due to extensive chemotherapies, Whole Brain Radiation Therapy and then Autologous Stem Cell Transplant with High Dose Chemotherapy, which has left hub free of disease since May 2010, he was left with dementia, almost inability to walk and incontinence which left me changing the sheets even with depends on...

A Spinal Tap test reduced all his symptoms in a dramatic way and this return to his old self lasted about three and a half weeks. Then they all returned and I was devastated. However, I did not understand that a shunt would make the same effect more permanent. Once I read about this on Wikipedia, I begged his NO for one and was told, it will not help him and that I was crazy or delusional if I thought it would bring him back to me.

But it has! He is dry, today we walked almost a mile without a walker, and without falling, and he has begun reading again. They are in the process of adjusting this shunt so that his brain fluid is at the right level. It's results are miraculous. And he can even have his MRIs without it being affected!

I hope this offers you some hope - we were told when we began this journey that there were no ways to treat these side-effects but now is a different time!

If I can answer any questions I will be happy to do so. And if you know how I can let others know about this, please let me know.

Thanks for listening,
Leprechaun 2

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Dear Leprechaun2,
Thanks for sharing how the shunt has affected you hubby. I also have a shunt due to the fact that I am now producing to much spinal fluid. This has been a life saver for me. Without the shunt I was having headaches so bad that I couldnt move.
I do have to have the shunt readjusted every time I have an MRI. Only takes about 2 minutes to adjust it. Then I go have an x-ray so the doc can see the setting to make sure that is it at the right pressure.

God bless,

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God bless you too Lora. Thank you for sharing your news. This is all really new to us.

I am glad your headaches are better. His shunt is adjusted with a magnet in a stylus by holding it next to his scalp where the shunt is. They can read the pressure through the same way. It is truly incredible.

I hope your journey always goes in the right direction!
Keep in touch,

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