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5 years ago today all signs of my cancer were removed

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5 years ago today, I had my major debulking surgery - triple resection, removal of remaining omentum, and removal of all visible tumor. I remain cancer-free, and am living a normal life. Quite something, considering my Stage IV diagnosis!

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So glad to here stage IV good news, best wishes to stay NED!

Brenda Bricco
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Heck yeah, that's what we want to hear! :)
Can I ask where your's had spread to making it stage IV?

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The cancer was originally found on a tumor encompassing my ovary. I had small tumors all over my omentum and the outside of my colon, as well as the primary tumor, which filled much of my appendix. Fortunately, no lymph nodes were involved. However, the ovarian tumor made my cancer stage IV.

Spread was extensive, requiring resection of pieces of both my left and right colon, as well as a bit of my small intestine. However, those tumors were on the outside of the intestines (large and small.)

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I so wish the world could hear all the success stories instead of all the scary statistics and mortality rates. So happy that you are living and lovi your life. Congrats!!!


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Congratulations, Alice! So happy for you. You are an inspiration to all. Thanks for all the help, advice, and words of encouragement to so many!

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Thank you so very much for sharing this date with us.

It means the world to all to know that it can be done!

Hugs and many many more anniversaries,

Marie who loves kitties

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wonderful!!! congrats! this really gives all of us the hope we need.

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Congratulations. The sword is mightier...

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That gets the

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I'm smiling from ear to ear!
Thanks for sharing this very encouraging story!

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Always good to hear good news..
thanks for sharing..
spread the hope..

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Congratulations! Thank you so much for shring your story ...it helps those of us who are new to all of this.


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So happy for you and thanks for sharing your milestone. Love your picture by the way - a nice active shot.

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Congratulations. Hope I make 5 yrs and then some. Good luck to you Live to 90 NED.

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Such wonderful news Alice! Keep paddling that kayak and enjoying life to the fullest, and may you have many many more wonderful days ahead. :-)

All my best,


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I NEVER get tired of these kinds of posts!

Thank You!! :)

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Thank you for being here to share. You Truely are an inspiration. I appreciate your experience and support.

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You don't need my encouragement! You are living it ! Best of luck.

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You don't need my encouragement! You are living it ! Best of luck.

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Alice, Yeah, Yeah and a million times Yeah. You are an inspiration to everyone. Your posts are always really good.

I am also Alice.

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We are glad to here you story! We get to here the negative all to often. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for your continuing health!

Best Always, mike

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You go Alice! A reminder that this is doable!!!

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I love your post. So happy to hear you are doing so well and enjoying life!!


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