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There seems to be very little information about etoposide and almost no discussion. Even on the csn discussion boards few people have taken it and only one or two report what it was like. Is there anyone out there who has actually used it for any length of time? I am considering starting and would like to know what I am in for.

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I was on Etopiside when I was on my BEP protocal for my second line treatment. The side effects are simalar to most other chemo. The biggest problem I had with it was it dropped my blood counts likes tremendiously. It mad me nuetropenic and severly anemic with each treament. I had to get Blood and platlets trasfusions constantly. Every body is differant I am a vegetarian for instance and I feel that might have played a small role in my anemia. I also have a malabsorbsobtion problem due to my colon ressection. YOU could ask your doctor about nuelasta it helped a little bit.

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Thanks very much for your response. I too have had blood problems, but with other chemotherapies. I will follow up.

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