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Mammo shows something, ultrasound nothing

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I had a 6 month follow-up mammogram last week since the prior mammo showed what they thought was scar tissue from a prior biopsy (which was a fibroid). The new mammo shows a "well circumscribed bilobed lesion measuring 9x10x9 mm", and not anywhere near the marker from the biopsy. The radiologist called me in for an ultrasound which didn't show anything. So I asked the tech if perhaps the mammo reflected an artifact. The answer--no. The prior benign lesion showed up on ultrasound. I have an appointment with a breast specialist because right after my mammo, my husband's urologist from renal carcinoma told me to see one rather than just rely on a gyno; however while I am on the wait list for an earlier appointment, my appointment is almost 2 weeks away.

So what gives? Should I regard it as a good thing that it didn't show up on an ultrasound? Getting worried....

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Can't answer your question...I'd probably ask, after seeing the beast specialist for a breast MRI...see what it sows, if anything...

Keep us posted...
Hugs, Nancy

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Breast MRI .. is the only way to know for sure. If possible, can you find a
Breast Cancer Specialist -- in your area? If so, schedule an appointment and
request a breast MRI.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a cure.

Vicki Sam

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See a breast surgeon and get it checked out. Breast MRI is the best--but these also can be supersensitive and show a lot of false positives. I am going through this right now as well.

Try to think positive and bring in the positive energy.

Let us know.

Hugs, Renee

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I guess I will ask for an MRI when I see the breast specialist. I think I will die of a heart attack if they take a let's just do a repeat in 6 months, especially since this one was a 6 month follow up. What's freaking me out is that when I read the literature it seems that ultrasounds pick up fluid cysts rather than a solid mass, and since my last benign lesion was picked up on ultrasound....well you get the picture.

I am trying to keep my mind occupied by cleaning all the clothes in my closet because apparently we have a mold issue in the closet and the cleanup crew just threw all of our clothes in the bath and shower. It just never ends. LOL.

Thanks guys and hugs right back at you! Will keep you posted.

(Ginger was my beloved dog who passed away a couple of years ago from pancreatic cancer. Wishing she was here to comfort.)

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I would also ask for a MRI. Wishing you the best of luck and let us know.

Hugs, Kylez

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Alexis F
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Please get a MRI so you can have peace of mind. Prayers and lots of hugs!


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Breast MRI's give a lot of false positives. The only way to be certain may be a biopsy. Seeing the breast specialist is the way to go. The urologist is absolutely right!

Let's just figure this will be all for nothing. I know it's not easy but, don't panic till they tell you it's time to panic!


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I agree tell them you are not comfortable waiting, ask for an MRI or if not te biopsy

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Did you talk to your doctor about a MRI? I get a MRI yearly, just to be sure.

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Megan M
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Please insist on a MRI.

Hugs, Megan

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I had a very similar thing happen in April. I never posted it on here because a lot was going on at the time and it all happened so fast.I had my routine mammo and something showed up, did ultrasound and nothing showed. I had a surgical biopsy and it was a adenoma. All was well. It all happened in less than 2 weeks I was glad because the waiting is so hard. God Bless
(((hugs))) Janice

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Checking back on your post to see if you've gotten a MRI yet. I think it would give you peace of mind to have the MRI and to know what you're dealing with or not.

Wishing you good luck,


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i went through similiur situation and now 2 year later finally diagnosed stage 4 dont wait biopsy biopsy mammograms are not fool proof

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