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I am getting very concerned. Has anyone heard from her or keith? I keep checking and don't see anything new. I didn't want to say this but after being so scared, I would be having a mental breakdown even with the great news. I a
very worried about her guys.

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Same here also i guess during surgeries they do frozen section called I guess then it is still sent over to get retested??? I hope nothing weird came out... I wonder if Sue could call her husband maybe to see if everything ok?
How was your R sweetie?

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Posts: 1043
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It was a long day, had some chills and sore throat. I am still pretty sore muscle wise. I had forgotten how crappy it makes me feel

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Hope you start feeling better soon Dixie, that rituxan really does a number on the throat. A sore throat was the only reaction I had durin infusion last Friday. I figured we would have heard from Lisha by now as well, I sure hope all is well.

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Hi ladies,
I called Lisha's cell # and no answer...her cell didn't go to "leave a message" either. I called their home #...no answer, but was able to leave a message for Keith, so hopefully he will call me back later tonight. Short of calling the hospital, there's not much else I can do. I'm worried also, but what can you do? I will post immediately if I hear anything. We just need to keep dear Lisha in our prayers until we hear something.
Much love...Sue

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Hi everyone,

She just had surgery and is probably on pain medication and not
exactly "with it". I know it was a several days after my surgery before
I was functioning on a basic level. I had a tube down my nose/throat,
was catheterized, could only chew on ice and was dealing with pain.
I had one of those push button devices to send me to "la la land" when
I needed it. For the first 3 days, it really hurt me to move much at all.

My point is she's probably recovering and her family's not as involved in this
circle so aren't inclined to keep us updated.

Dang, I had almost forgotten about that tube (seemed like 3 feet). Let's just
say it wasn't fun when they removed it...

Sue, thanks for checking for us and let's all try not to worry right now :).

Hugs guys,


miss maggie
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I was very young when I had my appendix removed. I will never forget the pain after. The pain before surgery was a walk in the park. I was told, the pain comes from air or is it gas trying to escape. When my small bowel perforated in 2009, I had bowel resection. I was completely out in ICU for one week. Therefore, no pain. That's when I was dx with NHL.

Hopefully, they are giving Lisha pain medication. Not sure if that's Lisha's case??


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Dear Lisha,
Just want you to know that we're all thinking of you! Take care sweetie and sending you lots of love and positive thoughts. Keeping you in my prayers


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