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My partner has stage 4 adenocarcinoma has 6 months to live.

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So back in August 2011 she was diagnosed with stage 3. She decided not to do treatment and in a little less then a year its upgraded to stage 4. My wife decided to leave me right after she found out its moved. Problem I am having is dealing with both the break up and the knowing she is not doing well. I am finding this out from other people because she has not spoken to me. We decided to travel it was her bucket list and as we all know the outcome the dr's give is not great. I need help.... I need help coping and understanding... I think and so do my friends I have turned to think she left because I have personally lost 10 family members in 5 yrs... 4 were parents and siblings... This is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with in my 38 yrs... Please I need help from people who get it.

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The hospital she goes to probably has a program for patient's families. Your story is not as unique as some would believe. It would be a place to start.

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but from the other side. I was the patient but I did some of the things you are saying your wife is doing. I'd be happy to e-talk with you privately if you write to me at marc@GEEC.us

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