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One year ago today, 27 July 2011

Posts: 58
Joined: May 2012

One year ago today, God gave me a gift of a kidney stone. Sort of an odd gift except had it not been for that stone, we would not have found the mass on my left kidney until it had spread to other organs. Since we found it when we did, I only lost a part of that kidney and am now cancer free.

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Posts: 47
Joined: Jul 2012

And Amen.


JackieP125's picture
Posts: 56
Joined: Jan 2012

God works in mysterious ways. I am also thankful that mine was found before it spread. God is Good!! Praise him everyday!!

alice124's picture
Posts: 899
Joined: Mar 2012

Happy one year anniversary! I think it's so important you see the positive in your diagnosis and you continue to share it. Thank you.

donna_lee's picture
Posts: 1020
Joined: Feb 2009

It's nice to have anniversaries like that. I have 3...June 23, July 3, and June 26, all for cancer. But I like your date better because it's our Wedding Anniversary.
Hope you have many more GRRRREAT days.

icemantoo's picture
Posts: 3359
Joined: Jan 2010

Keep the NED's coming.


Posts: 58
Joined: May 2012

Thanks everyone!!

I am going to celebrate my one year by going SCUBA Diving this afternoon with my brothers and nephews. Looking forward to it!!

Minnesota Girl's picture
Minnesota Girl
Posts: 119
Joined: Jul 2011

I just passed through all my 'first' anniversaries - it was all a little emotional, but mostly I was happy and grateful. I'm hoping the anniversaries get easier each year. Glad you are taking time to celebrate!

foxhd's picture
Posts: 3183
Joined: Oct 2011

This is great to hear. You help keep up the spirits!

DMike's picture
Posts: 259
Joined: Nov 2011

Belated congrats to you on your anniversary. I'm truly happy for you and I hope you celebrated properly!

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