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Sister's surgery tomorrow

Lynn Smith
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Joined: Mar 2011

After weeks of waiting till after our family reunion and also waiting for a appt for biopsies my sister is having her surgery.She saw the plastic surgeon today.They have no idea what they may find.She has 2 different cancers.2 malignant in each breast.

They will know tomorrow IF Any nodes are involved.If none are malignant she will have double masectomy and reconstruction at the same time.She has said all along reconstruction but told the doctor NO reconstruction if she is Stage 4. She even said today she wonders if she is making the right decision with reconstruction.It has to be hard.

I feel like I'm on pins and needles.Been upset today but not going to get bent out of shape till we know for sure what's going on.I just have to say a prayer it will all be OK.

Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.I will let all of you know tomorrow. Just have no idea when.

Lynn Smith

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I will be praying for your sister Lynn. I have a sister and it would so hard to see her go through this. You are a good sister, a terrific sister!

Keep us updated!

Hugs, Kylez

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I remember the journey, the nodes, the waiting, the night before~etc... Hoping that peace surrounds you both, may you somehow get some rest tonight. My sister took care of me through 5 surgeries, and kept me encouraged during treatments. I treasure her greatly!
~♥sister hugs~♥

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Sending prayers for your sister.

Hugs, Diane

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Prayers for you and your sister.{{{Hugs}}} if you need them.

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Lynn, I will keep you and your sister in my prayers. It's so hard to imagine going through this with my beloved sister - it probably would be harder than if it was me. Mine was with me through my journey and I know she was so brave and tried to stay upbeat and smiling while she was shaking inside.

I hope for the best news possible!


Lynn Smith
Posts: 1265
Joined: Mar 2011

It's over and I feel a little better than yesterday.Still will have some questions for her after she is home(maybe tomorrow).

She had a double masectomy.Reconstruction was done.She won't know till tomorrow or Monday what the biospy tests showed in the nodes. I didn't think they would do the reconstruction if nodes were possibly effected. Maybe they feel no cancer in the nodes.Still though you don't know till the biopsy is completed. See how little I know and have learned alot from here.I had no chemo or radiation.Stage 0 and only take tamox so I've learned things from here and now from my sister.

My niece wants the 3 of us to have our picture taken with Pink Shirts.Show 3 survivors in one family.Wish my mom was still living but she would have been 92 this year.Still she was a 60 year survivor.

I'll know soon about the nodes and the Stage.At least by Monday.Makes a long weekend.

Thank you for your concerns.

Lynn Smith

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Glad your sister's surgery is over and I am praying for clean nodes.

Hugs, Noel

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Kristin N
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Hoping and praying that your sister will have clear nodes Lynn.

Lynn Smith
Posts: 1265
Joined: Mar 2011

Thank You everyone.I was told they would know something on the nodes Monday but my sister seemed to think she will be told on Thursday at her appt.Her son said it would be Saturday or the latest Monday.Maybe she wasn't aware of that since she was out of it.I will let everyone know more on Thursday or Friday.Still hoping no node involvement but no news yet.

I'm worried because if no node involved I would think they could call her for that but she was told to come in for a appt Thurs.She said they will go over everything.We all know what it's like for the results.Nerve wracking.

I remmeber my dx.I was told the doctor would know in 2 days what the biopsy was.I was called in one day to come in the second day.Fast because it was malignant.

Lynn Smith

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Alexis F
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Praying that her nodes will be clear Lynn. Keep us posted.

Hugs, Lex

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Hi Lynn -- I'll be thinking of you and your sister. So sorry this is happening, but I will pray for her. I'm only keeping positive thoughts in my heart for all of you. And will be sending you that positive energy your way.

Sending you (and your sister) a big hug.

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Thinking of your sister and sending loads of prayers and a big hug for you!


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Any news Lynne on your sister's nodes? Praying they are clean!

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