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My wife Susan was diagnosed 6 years ago with 1b1 while she was pregnant with our second child. After she was born my wife had a radical hysterectomy. The oncologist said pathology showed no activity in any of the many lymph nodes he removed and she had a 90 percent chance of survival. Three years later, she was feeling something in her mid section so she had another scan done and it showed three new small spots on her pelvic region. She had 25 radiation treatments plus Cisplatin. Her next scan showed one spot on her spine so she had intense radiation there. Another scan showed no new activity last September and the oncologist said she was in good shape. We were estatic and hopeful.

A follow up scan last January showed small uptake in her pelvic bone and a few lymph modes. She had more chemo (gemcitabine), but the pain got worse and the disease spread to her brain in March. She had radiation there and it worked well, but the disease spread to her lung and bone and several other areas very quickly.

My wife lost her battle a couple of months ago, but it feels like yesterday. She passed away in her sleep. Suffice to say I am heartbroken beyond words. We kept this 6 year battle private between her and myself because we needed to protect our two very young children and we were hoping for a better outcome.

My wife is the most beautiful, compassionate, trusting person I've ever known and I will be lost without her. Telling my 7 and 5 yr old children their mommy is now in heaven was the most difficult thing I've ever had to do.

Please say a prayer for my beautiful wife and children.

I will continue to visit here from time to time and try to lend support. I admire everyone on this board and the courage you all display in fighting this awful disease. My wife never gave up hope and none of you should either. And even though my wife's situation did not end the way we had hopes, she never gave up hope and stayed positive the entire journey. Do not give up hope because each person's disease is unique and there is always hope.

God bless you all.


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    Grieving Wife to Grieving Husband
    I commend you for posting this. I too lost my husband of almost 40 years 6 months ago. We fought Liver Cancer for over two years and he too, was brave to the very end.
    He died piecefully at home with me, our daughters and our son in law to be. This is a road that is not easy... I do go to several grief support groups and also a one on one with a therapist. I encourage you to do the same. Try several groups as they have to fit!
    Remember, you have your children. The one thing that keeps me going is the soon to be wedding of our daughter in less than two weeks. If it wasn't for that I don't know what I would do.
    You're not alone.