Compromised Immune system and Candida/Yeast/Thrush

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I fought Advanced Small Cell Lung cancer in 2006, ending 18 doses of chemo (Cysplatin & Etoposide, EP6) in April and radiation in July.

My immune system of course, gave me fits during. Had to take Procrit and Neupogen numerous times during treatment.

I juiced daily after treatment and gradually my blood counts were improved however,
I have fought Candida since and now am fighting a urinary tract infection with Macrodantin, which I was reluctant to do because, due to yeast, I have had horrendous leg rashes,fungus in my ears and have lost toenails and now am fighting leaky gut.

Medicare fights paying for regular blood work, therefore I haven't had any for 8 months.

I am also a Type 2 diabetic.I have studied for years about the hazards of taking antiobiotics and steroids. I believe taking too much too close together caused the cancer to take over.

Of course, steroids are in the chemo cocktails and then Oncologists (some) are alway ready to give a patient an abundance of antibiotics as well as other drugs. Viscious circle.

My frustrations are doctors of modern medicine just do not study or know the hazards of
Y E A S T and the causes. They just treat symptoms.

My quesiton is now, I am fighting a urinary tract infection and my butt is dragging. I have been on Macrodantin for 6 days and will finish tomorrow.
I did read that it sometimes causes grave probelms with the elderly.

I am 70, very active (I was) and I am on probiotics two times a day with yogurt. I have been advised to take it for the remainder of my life because of chemo. I have increased the dose and will for 15 days after I finish the antibiotic.

My question is: Will my immune system forever be compromised?

When I weaken it by taking antibotics, do I have to spend time buidling it back up?
Am I compromised while I am on it and should I stay away from public places?

Thanks for any help I may get.


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    beatallted,as I understand
    beatallted,as I understand it ext. sclc compromises your system as well as the diabetes. Perhaps you should contact a homeopathic doctor.