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Mweee Maria Question for you

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Glad to be done
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In the years since you have beat ovarian cancer have you had any reoccurences? If so where did they pop up and how soon? How did they treat them?

I hope you dont mind me asking. Im new here and just finished chemo a month ago for 3C...

Thank you


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I don't mind at all... I really should take the time to fill in my history on the members page. I was diagnosed in May 2006, 3C, had surgery, port and 6 taxol/carbo treatments. My CA-125's stayed around 9 and I was gloriously NED for three years. Of course, I was recieving 3 month and then 6 month check ups. I discovered an enlarged lymph node close to where my right leg and pelvic meet. My CA-125's staring creeping up and I was put back on chemo. I've been chemoing ever since. It's become my new normal. I can imagine that it sounds horrifing to one who just completed chemo and probably thought it would never end! But, my regiment is somewhat different and designed to keep me stable. There are many women that are part of this board who have remained NED for long periods and many that are have danced with no disease forever. They drop in every so often to say "hi", but understandably they are off doing their things. I hope to meet you sometime in future since we live so close to each other. It's hard for me to make too many plans since I'm chemoing each month, but let me know if you're heading towards Syracuse.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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kimberly sue 63
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Maria, what was your cancer type and what is your blood type? Kim

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I just need to say that I am thinking of you and you are an inspiration to me. Take care and I love you, my dear teal sister.


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