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Clear cell ovarian cancer 3 3

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I had clear cell cancer grade 3 stage 3. I have been out of treatment for1 year. I guess I am going through a fearful stage and looking for hope. When I get closer to my appointments I get scared.

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kimberly sue 63
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Be hopeful, you have had a full year no treatment. The odds are with you that you are still clear. Good luck!!

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We totally understand your fear but you have every reason to be hopeful. I've been out of treatment for almost a year and a half and although cancer is always in the back of my mind, I still try to enjoy each day and live like a person who never had cancer.

Take care,

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Glad to be done
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Carol I am just starting out. Finished chemo the end of june and waiting for my scan results... Have to wait till next Friday but doc is not expecting anything on it. She says my bloodwork says it all... I hope she is right.....If I am this nervous now, I wonder what I will be like in a year

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Glad to be done
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BTW- How are you feeling a year out? I'm sure all is fine. Keep us posted

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Congrats on your year free of treatment... that is so great. Of course you have anxiety before appts., we all do. You'll find lots of hope here. I'm a six year survivor (3C) and just one of stories you'll hear. Many of our sisters who are living healthy and strong pop in once in a while to say "hi" and I can tell you that they all still get scared before their check ups!
(((HUGS))) Maria

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