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Merkel Cell Carcinoma

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The VA found a mass in my right axilla, it was removed and the diagnosos was Merkel Cell Carcenoma in my lymph nodes. This is caused by a skin cancer that spreads like wild fire if not caught in time. This is a rare cancer and not on the VA list for agent orange. If anyone out ther has had this we need to get together and see if VA will work with us. They have denied this for any compensation but I have found two other Viet Nam Vets that have had the same cancer and rare as this is the odds of that happening are off the charts. I know more Vet's have this and we need to get VA to put it on the list. One of the other vets that had the Merkel Cell cancer has allready passed.

Bill Schweitzer

R. Greg Ebben
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Dear Bill, I to have had Merkal Cell back in 1997. I'm currently cancer free since then. I spent seven months in a hospital during my treatment. Just recently I was denied disability for agent orange but my oncoligist sent a letter in which he believes my Merkal cell cancer was due to my exposure to agent orange.You can contact me at gebben@tds.net. I hope this correspondence finds you in good health, Greg

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Hello Bill and Greg, 

i am curious as to whether the VA has agreed to the connection between Merkel Cell and Agent Orange? I recently was diagnosed with Merkel Cell and I wondered about the exposure factor. 



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