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Another Bill Update

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Hello Everyone,
I have been lurking and reading about how everyone is. Bill was finally moved from the ICU on Monday to his own private room.(Isolation) He is breathing on his own although he is still getting oxygen. He still has a pump attached to his stomach pulling out bile etc. He is now eating regular food, although he does not eat more than a few bites. I can't imagine how much weight he has lost having not eaten in a month!! He is looking very very skinny (and he was thin before)his cheeks are all sunken in, and his hands and feet that were so swollen before are now all wrinkled. He will be having physical therapy to help him walk again. He can not even pull himself up to a sitting position in his bed. BUT, he is on the mend and survived the septic shock after his colon ruptured. His stomach still hurts all the time and I feel awful and am still praying that one day he will feel good again!!! I don't have any details as to what the plans are for him as his Dr is still on vacation and she is the only one that I know well enough to ask questions. His Mom doesn't seem to ask too much. She must be so worn out, she goes to the hospital every day 2 or 3 times a day and stays for hours at a time. (She lives 5 minutes fromt there) I still go every day after work including Sat after work from my 2nd job. Sundays I go and hang out for several hours. I am quite exhausted myself. It's hard now because now that he is awake he is very uncomfortable and can not do much for himself. But now that he is "better" I may start taking some days off and go straight home after work and start taking care of myself!! I pray for no more surgeries except MAYBE a reversal of his colostomy in about a year. But that is a long way off, and after what happened this time, maybe he will choose not to reverse. Thanks for listening and you are all in my prayers as well.

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Wow, you guys sure have been through a lot, it's good to hear he continues to heal, a month in hospital feels like forever. Keep us updated. Try and take care of yourself too, you can't be much help to him if you get plain worn out!!

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Long hours at the hospital does add up - doesn't take too long, does it? We just did what you are doing for my dad.....six months worth of daily care bouncing from every hospital and nursing home in our area....we bounced him at least a dozen times.

We were worn out at the end as well....and then he passed and all that comes with that.

I hope that you can find some moments just to rest and sleep if nothing else.

I caught part of your story earlier before I got out of town for another funeral that just happened. I'm sorry you are both going through this...that sounds like there was so much to all of that. We know sepsis is no joking matter, so I'm glad he came through it.

No words of wisdom, except that hopefully time will help heal all the way around for the both of you.


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I too was in the hospital for 4 weeks being fed introveniously. Because of iliostomy reversal, kidney infection, and then a fistula. When once eating normal food, gained back all the weight I had lost. Wish I gained a few less. LOL Bill may do it too, so take heart! My best to you both,and his mom.

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