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Broke two toes

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Well, my summer was off to a great start, with chemo break and all sorts of activities planned. WRONG!!!! I was getting dresssed after a fabulous day at the pool with my daughter and her classmates (special needs class) and lost my balance, fell onto my left foot, foot folded in half, I fell over in slow motioin, smashing the left side of my foot, and breaking the toe bones.

When the ortho looked at the Xray, he said I had to go to a big hospital, as it looked like I may have to have surery, due to how thin my bones are. Sigh........ probably the effects of too much chemo/steroids etc. I am 56, and a bit early for osteoporosis.

I find out Monday, if I get to have a cast or if I have to have surgery. Either way, I have a cast for 2 months.

I have worked through my feelings, and not as ANGRY as I was at first. The WHY does not get answered and there is nothing i can do but try to enjoy the time elevating my feet.

As Gilda always said, "It's always somethin'!"


Posts: 1223
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As I said on facebook, can't a woman catch a break? No pun intended...


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I guess you would have had to take a break to heal in any case. I'm angry for you, but I know you'll make the best of your time. Here's to no surgery and a few margaritas with your feet up.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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kimberly sue 63
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Sorry to hear......but with your positive outlook you'll make the best of it! Kim

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Glad to be done
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Oh my gosh that is awful. I am sorry... I hope it isn't too painful.

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I hope the two months go by fast for you!


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