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Excellent news concerning Lisha!

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Hi Guys,
Lisha's husband, Keith, just called me and said everything went great for Lisha. The mass/tumor in her stomach is benign! NOT cancer! They did a partial hysterectomy and removed the tumor and from what Keith was told by Lisha's doctor she will not require any chemo after this. She will be in recovery for the next couple of hours and as soon as she wakes up she will be told the "GREAT" news..."NO" new cancer. She is going to be one happy lady..forsure! Keith said if Lisha feels up to it she might post something to the group later tonight. I told him to tell her to not worry about it...we know she's ok and all is well and she needs to rest and then she can post when she feels up to it. So...thats the scoop guys..our prayers and good thoughts and through the Grace of God, our friend is going to be fine! Now we can all take a deep breath and relax! Much love...Sue

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Excellent news soooooooooo very happy for you and all your loved ones Lisha....please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers as you heal... I'm very happy... Your husband must be so excited and can't wait to tell you the news as you open your eyes... Lots of luv hugs Lisha...

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Sue thank you so much for letting us know... Luv, hugs and prayers of course...

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Well, I think it's happy dance time!

Happy Dance Time!

Lisha, please wait until you're healed before trying this
but you can dance all you want in your heart!

Nice to have some tears of joy for a change :).

Thanks for the great news, Sue - this made my week!

Yay !!!!!!!!!

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I have to admit I was really worried about this. I kept checking every few minutes on the site to see if there was any news or not. So glad to hear this. John

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I couldn't have gotten any better news! I am so glad it wasn't yet another to battle. I too was very worried John...more like terrified. I just didn't think it would turn out so good.

I hope they can both get some real peaceful healing!


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Such great news, I'm so happy for Lisha

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LOVE the Happy Dance link!!

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An answer to our prayers for sure! So happy for our Lisha!

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Thank God Lisha that it was not cancerous. I'm really happy that you won't have to deal with another cancer, just concentrate on getting better! Take care sweetie, sending you a Huge Hug and Get well Wishes.


P.S. Thank you Sue for letting us know!

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ya!!!!! that's great news, speedy recovery Lisha!

miss maggie
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Dear Sue,

OMG. Thank yu so much for letting all of us know about Lisha's tumor. What a way to start
my day. God bless Keith for calling you. How nice of him, considering all what the
family has gone through.

Should Lisha's story be a lesson for all of us??? Maybe. Never, never assume anything.
I know how hard all of this has been for Lisha> I do. I wish I were there by Lisha's bedside when Keith tells her the wonderful news. Benign tumor. Just to see her beautiful
face hearing the news.

Sweet Sue. Knowing how wonderful you are. Always and always there for everyone. Who
else would Keith call, but you.

Love and hugs to you. Lisha if you are reading this. So, so very happy for you. Rest and
go home soon.

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I know Lisha is resting and probably not feeling upto saying a few words, but I can't stop looking to see if she wrote something yet... I hope you are well Lisha... Lots of luv and prayers... May you, my Dad, everyone here and everyone in this world be well and cured...

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Hi DadysGirl,
I haven't posted to you in a couple of days and was wondering how your dad was doing? I really do hope he is starting to feel a little better. How are you doing? Have you gotten any rest sweetie? I know you don't want to leave your dads side but just rest a little bit, I really don't want you to get sick. I was like you when my mom went to the hospital 3yrs ago, she got the swine flu and didn't make it. She was in the hospital for a month, 2 weeks in isolation and 2 weeks in ICU. The last two weeks we didn't leave her side even though she was asleep with life support. I know how you feel just know that your dad is gonna get better and he will get rid of the cancer with Gods help and your family's love. Many prayers and huge hugs coming your way. Take care and keep us posted


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