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Latest PSA results please help

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My latest PSA result was 0.2. This figure is up from <0.1 three months ago. My record is as follows;
Nov. 2011 PSA 42
Dec 2011 TURP
Jan 2012 IMRT + 3 month Hormone injection
Feb. 2012 IMRT finished
April 2012 PSA <0.1 (no more HT)
July 2012 PSA 0.2
The lab can not measure PSA to more than 1 decimal point.
Theoretically my PSA has doubled in 3 months. But the slight increase could be the hormone effects wearing off.
Any comments would be highly appreciated

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Without knowing your testosterone level its difficult to know how far along your body chemistry is in returning to normal. I suspect that the PSA scores you're seeing are showing more of your "true" PSA without the influcence of the HT. You're going to need a few more PSA tests over several months to have a better feel for what is going on.

In the meantime, I would relax and enjoy life in Thailand.



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My doctor said that the psa test should always be tested at the same location. As I was tested at VA hospital on 7/06/2012 and was 0.3. On 7/09/2012 at MD anderson my psa was 0.2. My regular doctor will send my blood to different blood testing places. At that low of psa they could be off by 0.1. Make your doctor away sent it to the same blood testing place. You have to tell them!

Kongo is right, relax and injoy life.

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Thanks Ralf and Kongo
Actually I now go to the same lab myself and get the PSA test done. I shall do this every 3 months. I don't need any Doctor.
I saw my oncologist last week with a number of printed questions to ask hem. But he brushed them all off and told me to check my PSA every three months and come back and see him in 6 months time. I think from now on I would rather make my own decisions. I have learned more from this forum and received more advice than all the doctors I have seen. I also have learned a lot from the internet.

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