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Heading to the launch pad

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Thank you so very much for the loving prayers and genuine faith in me.

I slept a little but figure I'll be sleeping most of today, so I'll get plenty of rest.

The fear factor has mellowed a bit, the drugs are helping with that too.. I have no doubt that when I get into the car and we drive over, it will start to kick in to a higher gear.
And of course, when I go through the doors of my least favorite place, well use your imagination...

If I can, I'll try to post one more update from the preop room. Hubby is bringing his Ipad.

All of you are making this day so much easier for me. Don't get me wrong, it's no where near easy, but without all of you it would be darn near impossible!

Thank you again for all the love and support and the tons of hugs, I have been squished to the max...Thank you thank you


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Just keep hitting the happy button if they hook you up to one. No need to suffer in pain. I will be checking for an update later.
Lots of love to you

miss maggie
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Dear Lisha,

I send to you my faith, support, loving spirit and prayers to you. All day today
you will be on my mind.

Hugs, blessings, positive thoughts your way. Love you Maggie

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I'm with you all the way my friend! Looking foreword to hearing from you later. Heres to a speedy recovery

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Me too! You've got all of our prayers coming your way...can't go wrong with all the love and support your getting from our end dear lady! Like Beth said...hit that "happy button"! Love...Sue

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