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Accupuncture for nerve damage

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Hello everyone !
Was suggested to me today to investigate accupuncture as an alternative to meds for nerve damage done due to surgery. Does anyone have any experience with this ? I'm thinking maybe, why not ? Thanks for any imput, Katie

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Acupuncture sure can't hurt anything, and I've heard a lot of good things it's done (my sister had nerve damage in her arm, from a bad break)....pt and acupuncture, and now she can barely tell.

I'm also very big on Vit B complex for nerve damage...if you're not taking it, then you should start.


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I believe that's a common application for acupuncture...although I've only had it for allergies. took a number of sessions, but it helped.
my guy used electrodes instead of needles. no muss, no fuss. but the effect is the same.

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My husband had a radical neck dissection May 2010. He has been going to accupunture for about 1/12 years now . It has helped him. It's worth a try.

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No experience with this one Katie ...but I say give it a try .... :)



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Pam M
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A couple noticed no difference.

Someone on this site did say, however, that Korean accupuncture was more effective.

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will help tremendously with neck dissection issues. If I do yoga twice a week all of my neck issues disappear. If I miss a couple of sessions the tension and pain come back. You want a gentle yoga practice with spinal twists involved and neck and facial relaxation sequences at the end. Try an at home DVD. "The gift of Life" DVD is a good one and readily available. It also will be helpful with anxiety, stress, digestion and countless other ailments.

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As background, I had robotic surgery to remove a dime sized tumor on base of tongue and 38 nodes removed from left side of neck[04/18/2011], 33 sessions of radiation [06/01/11-0718/11] and 2 chemos with cisplatin. Loss of feeling in feet and hands and getting very cold started in October 2011.
I did accupuncture for several months [weekly, then bi weekly]. My hands and feet feel fine now. So either the accupuncture worked for me or it was a coincidence that I felt better at the same time. I think that the accupuncture also helped some with my dry mouth and ringing in the ears. Homer in Cleveland

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I'm still trying to get the insurance company to agree with this....grrrr ! I had hip repair done before I was dx'd for acc. And now the only way I can get treatments is to go back to my ortho surgeon and ask him to write up that this would be good for my nerve issues in my hip. Really ? Well if worse comes to worse I'll pay out of pocket. I know alot of chiropracters offer this in our area. Might have to start pricing. I think I should write a book, but no one would believe me ! Have a great day everyone ! Katie

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