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We will all be there with you tomorrow in the operating room. BIG,BIG HUGS. John

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I am squeezing every single atom of positive energy and love to send her way!

I know how scared she is, but I know she'll feel better very soon. Just getting the show on the road is healing emotionally. The danged waiting to start the fight is the worst.

Lisha I love you and hopefully your hubby will post for you and let us know how you are.

Take care,


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Big hugs and all the support I can muster coming your way for tomorrow. Stay strong my friend it will all be better soon. Aaron

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Hi All,

I have had a heck of a time getting on the ...... Site today !!!

I so need your love and support right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truly, you all are the best.


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I must have spent 15-20 minutes just trying to get on just to mess with Jim in another post. Its terrible ain't it? John

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Hi Lisha,
I didn't have any problems getting on today...weird how that happens??. I was constantly checking to see if everything was still a go for tomorrow and each time I logged in, the site came right up....(knock on wood) it stays that way! You don't even have to ask my dear...we are "ALL" here for you! Love, love, love, hug, hug hug, xoxoxoxo :) :) :) !!!
Thats about everything I can think of with sending love over the net! Love you...Sue

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Here's a triple scoop of hugs, smothered in positive smiles and
sprinkled with sunshine and confidence for you....

Do you want that in a cone or a bowl? ;).

(You'd think I'd be as big as a house as much as I talk
about food...)

You know we're there with you.


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Lots and Lots of Hugs Dear Lisha! We are with you!


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Hoping it all goes well...sending lots of good thoughts your way.

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Lisha is good tumor is benign Sue wrote on a new thread...
Pls check it out... I'm so happy for her and her family I hope everyone dealing with cancer and other illnesses will have clean good results outcome and cure....prayers to all

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So glad tumor is benign. Heal quickly Lisha. Today is a good day!!!

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