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back home from visit

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Hi All

Well the visit went way better than I expected. It's always the fear of the unknown. I am so glad that I told her. I also told my cousin who is still battleing rectal cancer. She will be having another surgery on Tuesday. We decided to email each other from the hospital when we are in a less drugged up state. She always makes me smile.

Just finished up a small dinner my daughter made. Little bit of pasta. I wanted to eat more, but if I did, I would really be in discomfort soon. So I just nibbled.

The closer I get to Tuesday the more afraid I become. I guess it's normal to be so afraid. Please be patient with me, I so need you guys right now.

Happy evening

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You've got us my friend, stay strong Lisha Tuesday will come and go and you will be on the mend and feeling better. I (we) will be there with you all the way.

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Hi Lisha,
Just wanted to say that we're with you my friend! I haven't been on all day, I spent my weekend cooking for my family. Saturday my sis came over and I made some fried fish for her, and today my bro came over and I cooked some chicken with some pasta. It actually makes me extremely happy to cook for them and to see their faces when they eat my food. This are the types of memories that will help us get through all of this hard stuff, enjoying the company of our loved ones. On Tuesday when you finally get all the bad stuff out try and think of all the good stuff you enjoy doing with your family, and hopefully that will motivate you to get better soon and to keep going. Stay strong and have faith, I will keep you in my prayers sweet Lisha.


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Hi Lisha,
I had a feeling everything would go fine. You said she was like your 2nd Mom, so the love is there and only good could come from sharing with her. I wish I could help you stay calm until Tuesday...feel so helpless when all we can do is type words. We are all here for you, all of the time, and don't worry about our patience...we all have tons of it!!! Keeping my prayers and positive thoughts coming to you...Love ya...Sue

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Hey Lisha, we are always with you! you know that, I think we all feel for each other, because we have all been on the dark side before. Keep strong, try to clear your mind of all negative thoughts..... it will get better! Vinny

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Been with you in my head and heart all weekend. I know your brain is in overdrive...time to downshift.

miss maggie
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Dear Lisha,

My positive thoughts, prayers and blessings will be with you tomorrow, Tuesday.
Just as Sue said, all we can due is type our concerns and worry about you. I wish
we could do more. Please imagine our arms around you and hugging you so much it hurts.

Oh yes, I would be scared also. I understand. Please think of it this way. You will
feel so much better getting this tumor removed. You will get through this. You are
a very strong lady.

Love you so much. Just maybe one day we can all meet?? Love Maggie

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Hi Lisha,

As others have said, we're all with you.

Warm and positive hugs coming your way.


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