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Update on Dave

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Hello everyone,

Dave started treatment on Thursday (and yes, I did drive up from the beach to be with him, I couldn't not!) He tolerated the oxaciplatin (sp?) well, and is on a continuous infusion of the 5FU. So far so good. He's a little tired, but still has a good appetite. In reading the list of side effects I noticed thinning of the hair with the oxy, but no real hair loss with either of the drugs. Is this accurate? We've been very pleased with Hopkins so far. And William, we may be checking in with you about Dr. L in Pittsburgh. Dave wants to explore possibly going up to talk to him. Dr. Molane at Hopkins appears to have trained with him, but Dave wants to find the very best surgeon to do the surgery.

As always, thanks to everyone on this board for their support!


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I am sure you were relieved to be there with Dave for his first treatment. I don't know if there are any 'right' ways to do this - you just kinda have to do what you think is best.

Don had carboplatin and taxol and loss of hair was never an issue. He sense of smell went ridiculously through the roof - everything smelled terrible to him - he could not stand the smell of coffee. His taste buds were basically gone but almost immediately after surgery, his taste buds were working again.

I hope Dave has minimal, if any side affects of treatment and I'm sure it seems like you're climbing a mountain right now, but the treatment part goes fairly quickly or at least it seemed to in our case.

Hopefully after surgery all of you can go somewhere or do something really special together.

Sending you hugs,

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Sandy, your decision was the right decision. You are a special person!

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Sandy, Larry was on Oxaliplatin and Xeloda (oral 5fu) from last July until Christmas. His hair did not thin any. He was also tired, but no other problems. The cold sensitivity with Oxaliplatin does increase over time, but that is a given. Just be sure he stays well hydrated. Good Luck, hope it keeps going well.

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Thanks for the update Sandy.
I'm so pleased that Dave is tolerating the treatment well.
The tireness is to be expected, but that's a small price to pay.
I'm with you on exploring the best possible treatment options. After all it may well be the best decision you have ever taken.
Praying for a good outcome from the treatment and the surgery, whatever you decide.
Hugs and prayers,

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