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Chronic and Severe Anemia in 2 year old (please read if you have info)

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I posted a question regarding severe and chronic anemia in a 2 year old under childhood cancers. If you might be of help, please check out my post and respond.

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As far as I have known a kid who has anemia may not know if they are anemic because he or she may not have any symptoms. Parents should know the symptoms to treat their children at the early stage. One of the symptoms is looking pale because if you're anemic there is less blood flowing through the blood vessels in the skin. A fast heartbeat can be another sign of anemia, because when you don't have as many RBCs, the heart has to work harder to get the same amount of blood and oxygen to the body. If anemia worsens, a kid who was once very active may become worn out quickly. He or she may feel weak or tired. I hope it helps you Adams.

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